B.A.D. Fearless Friday

In the past week, I have had to look fear in the eye several times!  From my surgery to my accident, my appointments and just leaving the house to go to karate class for my son.  Fear WILL NOT WIN.  Sure it may slow me down a bit, but I control my life, and fear is just a bystander, there to do nothing more than scare me.  Well, I laugh in the face of fear now.  For, the less power it has over me, the less power it possesses.  Fear is powerless.  It’s no longer an everyday struggle, but a nuisance who pops its ugly face up every once in a while.

How am I a better person for it?  Because life is a series of tests.  If fear wins, that means I’ve lost this round.  I’m very competitive.  I will not lose even a round to fear.  It has already consumed so much of my life.  I’m finally on the right path, and fear is trying its hardest to knock me off, but it doesn’t stand a chance.


~Kate…fearless Kate!


One thought on “B.A.D. Fearless Friday

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