B.A.D. Silly Saturday

Oh and we plan on making it the silliest to date!!  Ryan has his karate promotion test early morning, and once he advances, we are going to make a day of nothing but celebrating!!  We won’t find out the results for a couple of weeks, but he’s been practicing ALL day for both the written test and all his moves.  I know in my gut he’s going to advance.  The sensei’s wife told me in an Irish whisper that they intend to bump him up to blue belt, so he’s going to skip the stripes on his white belt, and go right to a blue belt.  Very proud parent moment, and he SO knows it.

Maybe a movie afterward to help him unwind, lunch with my parents, and then a bbq at my boyfriends house.  I’m sure I’ll have lots of silliness to report after that, as his family is extremely comical.  They crack me up!!

Hope you all have a silly Saturday as well, and are able to find some sort of fun to participate in.  If not, come find me… I’ll be more than happy to have you as my guest.  🙂

Happy blogging!!  Have a great day fellow bloggers!! (Sorry this is being posted Friday night, but I don’t know that I’ll be home at all tomorrow to write, and I had to give you all SOMETHING.)


~Kate…a serious but silly on Saturdays, Kate


2 thoughts on “B.A.D. Silly Saturday

  1. G’day Kate,
    Well how was the grading? no doubt all went well, wasn’t that long ago we went to watch our son and his two daughters doing their grading, all three started together, but of course Dad has passed the two girls, but not by that much lol


    • The test doesn’t start fro 2 hours. We’re going over his flash cards for his written exam now. I’ll let you know a little later how he does. I won’t get the results back for a week or so, depending on how many kids are taking the test, and how many tests his sensei has to grade. 😦 But he’s been studying!! My son NEVER studies. I’m sure it’ll be a breeze. Thanks for checking in!


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