I’ve got to do it… (DP)

Daily Prompt : Sounds Right

This is clearly subjective, but some words really sound like the thing they describe (personal favorites: puffin; bulbous; fidgeting). Do you have an example of such a word (or, alternatively, of a word that sounds like the exact opposite of what it refers to)? What do you think creates this effect?

Who the hell came up with the word “twerk” and why are there millions of YouTube videos of people, both young and old attempting to do it?!  When I hear the word twerk, it reminds me of the top to a bottle stuck on, and you’ve got to twerk it off.  Never would I have imagined it being an ass dance.  It’s disgusting, provocative, and to have this generations musical icons encouraging such a dance, repulses me.  So, gentlemen… if you ever come across a young lady who shyly admits she cannot “twerk”, please know you’ve probably found the one.  I have a strong dislike for the word as well as its definition, and we don’t use it in our house.  Before long, (if hasn’t already) it’ll be added to the dictionary.  What’s next?  Ughhh… “Twerking”  When I say it I have a strong desire to slap the idiot promoting it.  Okay… that is all.  I’ve got REAL writing to do.  Twerking wasn’t on the agenda today.

Happy Friday fellow bloggers!!



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