Raining cats and dogs… Literallly.

Daily Prompt : Not Lemonade

When life gives you lemons… make something else. Tell us about a time you used an object or resolved a tricky situation in an unorthodox way.

At the time two hurricanes (Irene and Lee) were going over our county, wrecking everything in their path, and making the entire county nothing more than a pond, I got a call from my dad.  His basement was flooding.  My son was with his father at the time, so I wasn’t putting him in harms way, but you can bet your butt I’m going to do all I can to help my dad when he needs it.

So, only living about 10 minutes from me at the time, the drive there was okay, but the roads were starting to flood before I got there.  I parked in his driveway, and ran in his house to get out of the soaking rain… only to realize I had locked my keys in the truck!!  Well, I had to get back to my house when I was finished to so I could make sure it was okay.  I HAD to get the keys out!  Then I remembered that my heartbeat had broken the back window of my Ford Explorer by pressing the open/close button repeatedly.  So we may have used garbage bags as a poncho, I really don’t remember, but out to the truck we went, where I pushed the window down with all my might.  I jumped up, into the truck, retrieved the keys, hopped back out and then it hit me.  It’s POURING outside.  How the heck do I get the window back up again?  Meanwhile, the water is getting higher and higher and my dad’s basement.

Dad comes to the rescue with a pair of needle nose pliers, sinks them into the door frame, pinches the window and lifts it high enough where we can grab it with our hands and push it up closed the rest of the way.  (Still extremely grateful for this dad!! And the Gorilla tape that is STILL holding the window in place.) 

So, life handed me a lemon alright.  A broken window, leather seats, pouring rain, but dad saved the day.  We were able to bail out most of the water when some “person who shall not be named” showed up with a sump pump.  Um…little late, but ANYWAY.  Me and my dad could have emptied his basement by ourselves.  However, having the new sump pump helped him to sleep that night, so I suppose it was good thing.  He now has 3 I believe. 

Life hands us lemons ALL THE TIME!!!  They’re called tests.  And until we pass (learn from our mistakes, use creative ways to get out of a sticky situation, etc,) we’re going to keep getting the same lessons.  I must have passed (Thanks again Dad!) as I haven’t been handed that lesson again.  I made it back home JUST in time.  There was a river crossing the road, and despite my better judgment, I drove through it.  I felt it carry my truck off the road, but I kept on going.  The Saturn behind me wasn’t so lucky.  I made it home, found a little water leakage in my basement (nothing in comparison to my father’s) and went into overdrive. The only way in or out of the county was on military hovercraft.  My sons father got as far as a bridge 20 minutes away that was closed because the water was now beginning to cover the bridge.  He actually asked the fire chief if my son could run across the bridge to meet me.  The chief asked my ex if he was an idiot.  I’ll say no more.

When the power was restored, I would watch the nightly news and see our county under water.  So, I looker fear in the eye and gave it the finger.  I jumped into volunteering, which my anxiety didn’t like very much, but I didn’t care.  There were people out there, living not that far from me that lost EVERYTHING.  When the water receded, I made my way to the heart of the county, and although I couldn’t help physically (I’ve got 2 blown shoulders) I helped in anyway I could.  Transporting donations from one site to another, making lunches for all the volunteers, handing my number out, so that if a family needed something, I could get it for them.  It was a horrible situation, but one that brought many of us together.  The county is STILL trying to recover and this was a few years ago.  It’s sad to drive through and see the big trailer sitting there, knowing that all the volunteers are all still showing up on a regular basis and meting at this particular point. 

I have since moved out of that county, and wish my Dad would too…  We’re now an hour away from each other and I don’t like that.  In an emergency situation, all he has to rely on is “those who shall not be named” and I usually have to call them and ask them to go check on him.  Disgusting… 

So, that was my lemon and I DID make lemonade!!  I’m very proud of myself for not letting my fears confine me to my house when so many people grew to depend on me for help.  I didn’t give up, I didn’t let fear win.  I am freaking awesome!!

Have a good day fellow bloggers!!



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