B.A.D. Silly Saturday (part 2)

How could I NOT post a part 2 and leave you all in the dark??  So, again, my son NAILED his promotion test.  Extremely proud mama bear right here.  Once we got home, Bill was out of work (AWESOME because he usually has to work until later) so, he drove me to the doctor.  You see, he’s been bandaging my wound and noticed that it had begun to open up and that the stitches were actually tearing my skin.  When he took me to the doctor, the doc took one look, agreed with Bill and snipped them off.  I am STITCH FREE!!!  And since the stitches have been removed, the burning/stinging has stopped.  Apparently the surgeon tied them way too tight.  So, being that I’m 10 days post surgery, he settled on steri-strips.  I’m so much more comfortable now, knowing there aren’t knots of thread holding my incision together. 

Now… on to the third part of my day.  Because Ryan did so well on his test, I said he could do anything he wanted.  The rest of his day was entirely up to him.  We (Bill and I had a BBQ to attend) but I gave Ryan the option to stay home, as the BBQ was out in the middle of no where and he never gets an internet connection on his Ipod and gets bored as there aren’t any other kids around.  He opted to stay home and spend the day with his grandma.  I thought for sure, once we left he’d jump right on the video games, but he actually spent the day with my mom.  No video games at all.  Bill and I on the other hand…  I haven’t had this much fun…well, since the last family gathering.  I love every member of his family.  Completely drama free and full of laughter.  I’ve never met a family like his.  I can honestly say, they are one of a kind.  Not judgmental in the least, they have welcomed Ryan and I both with open arms, they are just great people to be around.  His sister and brother in law were here From Georgia (hence the BBQ) and they crack me up.  Such down to earth people.  And the subject matter?  My God.  One minute it’s a serious discussion and the next we’re all holding our sides because we’ve got cramps from laughing so hard.  THIS is my life.  I LOVE my life! I have never been as happy as I am when I’m with Bill.  Be it a social gathering or a trip to the grocery store.  The man is absolutely amazing, and I will love him until the day I die.

So, despite a minor hiccup (the unexpected removal of my stitches) we had ourselves one hell of a Silly Saturday.  I hope you all had a great day.  It feels so good to be this happy.  It feels illegal.  This level of happiness is the sickening kind, the kind people usually write about while they’re really suffering inside.  THIS is genuine happiness, and I wish it for you all.  Well, to everyone but the trolls.  Hope your evening is just the same!!


Kate… an off the wall, big ball of happiness, sunshine, rainbows, positivity and fairy dust, Kate.


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If you can't be kind, be quiet. : ) Have a good day!!

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