I refuse to put any personal details on here knowing that my TROLL ex is following me, so all I WILL say is that I am absolutely speechless.  My son took his karate promotion test today (Thanks again for coming to show support mom and dad!) and he NAILED it!!  Both the written and the physical test.  He reduced another student to tears during the free fighting.  I have never been so proud of my son!  I feel sorry for the first little punk ass who attempts to bully him in school this up coming year.  Now Ryan knows what a punch feels like; he knows he can handle it, and he also knows he can deliver one much harder.  I am not one to ever promote violence, however, I’m tired of seeing him be bullied at school and no one doing anything about it.  He brought tears to my eyes…  He is one AMAZING young man!!  I love you Ryan August, with all that I am.



4 thoughts on “Wow…

  1. Amazing…indeed.
    He’s learned so much / put it to good use, in such a short time.
    Here’s hoping I forever remain on his good side.



  2. I think be able to defend yourself can bolster esteem even if he never has to use it. And besides if someone does attack him, it is nice that he can stand up for his own.


    • My son is highly sensitive. He had tears in his eyes when he made the other kid cry. He’s a good kid. But while all these bullies are at Boy Scouts learning how to pitch a tent and start a fire with a rock and a stick, my son is learning how defend himself against them once school starts in September. I watched my son very carefully today. He’s a tank. I just have to get his mind (self esteem) to catch up with his physical capabilities. I was very specific. Don’t you dare start a fight, but don’t walk away from one either. Stand up for yourself one time an they’ll leave you alone. It’s sad that this is what is consuming his mind; that this is what our school system has become, but we aren’t going to enter school unprepared. I’m a SO proud of him!!

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