B.A.D. Motivational Monday

I’m feeling kind of sluggish today myself…  So, as I was scrolling through pictures I could add to this post, this picture seemed to jump out at me.


Sure Monday’s feel like molasses, but, as long as you’re moving, you’re lapping those who choose to spend the day on the couch.  And by “On the couch”, I’m talking about those who don’t see the need for change in their lives, those who just go through the motions, those that are satisfied with the nothingness their life lives consist of.

Monday’s are more difficult than any other days of the week (for me anyway)  I’ve got to catch up on a whole weekends worth of blogs I didn’t respond to, get back to writing, and now I’ve got to think about school shopping for my son.  I know I’m on my own with this, as his father never offers to help, so it’s a pretty big burden to carry around.  My son grew 1 3/4″ in 30 days.  He need all new pants, shirts, and I’m not even going to talk about his sock drawer.  But, we’ll get through it.  We always do.  It seems like everything hits us at once on Monday.  Well, hit it right back.  Keep lapping those on the couch, and know that you’re evolving, you’re doing something with your life.  Yes, it’s hard, but you’re doing already… just keep doing it!!


I know it’s going to be difficult, but I hope you have an awesome Monday!!


~Kate…a slow to start, but starting nonetheless, Kate.


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