Taking the day to write

I have a notebook of ideas, phrases, quotes, etc.  Now I have to put them all in some kind of order.  So, I’m going to devote my day to pen and paper writing, as opposed to blog writing.  I’ll check back when I can, but plan to get so engrossed in writing that I lose track of time.  Yes, I want it to be one of those days.  I’ve got a best seller to write!!  My son already reminded me that he’s got his own reading to do.  He’s turning out to be such a good person.  Any other kid would “forget” and skip it altogether.  Not my Ryan.  He’s really liking the book he’s reading, so I’m sure that makes a difference. So, as he reads, I’ll write.  I’ll check my computer, while he checks his games.  We got this.  Hope you all have a good day!!




If you can't be kind, be quiet. : ) Have a good day!!

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