It’s only 10 Questions… You can do it!

Suzie had a great idea!  She wanted to get to know her followers better, so she asked them a series of questions.  Well, tell me that’s not pure genius!  So, because I want to get to know all of YOU better, I’m going to do the same.  Only I’m not going to stop.  Today I’ll go easy with 10 questions, but as the weeks go by and my interest is piqued, I’ll be sure to ask some more.  All I ask is that you try…  I want to establish friendships, compare notes, have someone I can talk to when I’m feeling down, or bouncing off the walls with good news to share.  The more we all know about each other, the better the lines of communication will be.  Right?  So, here are my questions.  If you don’t feel comfortable with one or two, simply skip them.  But please try.  And please leave your answers in my reply box, as I haven’t yet mastered ping backs.  Thanks so much!  And I look forward to getting to know you all a little better.



*You can’t just like the page/concept.  You have to actually answer the questions.  How else will I get to know you??*

1.  How long have you been blogging and what possessed you to start?

2.  What do you like to blog about?

3.  What types of bloggers do you follow?

4.  What country are you from.  If from the US, what state?

5.  Have you ever been published?

6.  Are you a writer or a photographer?

7. Tell me one thing (or several) that makes you unique.

8.  Name one positive attribute you have that helps in making this world a better place.

9.  Do you have any children?  If so, how many and what ages?

10.  What would you like to see more of on my blog?

I am like a kid at Christmas right now and cannot wait to read your answers!!  I want to know these things about you all, and then some.  I have only been met with kindness on WordPress, and I like that.  I want to continue surrounding myself with positive people.  No Debby Downers allowed!!  Sure you’re entitled to have a bad day, and rant about it.  We’re only human.  But as my title says… if you can’t be kind, please be quiet.  Also, I apologize that the comments have to be moderated, but my trolling ex will be dying to write something nasty in the response and I won’t allow it.  So be patient.  I’ll post your responses as soon as I get them.  Thank you all for continuously inspiring me on a daily basis!!  I love you all for it!!


22 thoughts on “It’s only 10 Questions… You can do it!

  1. 1. I have been blogging for a month only. So its better to say that I’m just learning right now.
    What possessed me to start? Mainly boredom. Actually most of my posts were created in school and in college (I am a student). In vacations, with all the extra time and with very little to do (social networks help but it has its limits) I decided to preserve my creations on the internet, with the added bonus of letting other people see them too.
    2. Lots of things. I basically run a multi topic blog and it has some movie reviews, articles, some of my photographs and GIF’s and short stories (right now there’s only one actually)
    3. Depends on my interests. I have almost no interest in what other people contemplate about their lives and all those crap. So I follow TIME, blogs showcasing art and photography, educational and techie blogs. Although, I would be highly interested in a honest negative blog.
    4. India
    5. Never. Well in my school magazines, but that doesn’t count.
    6. Both.
    7. The one thing that I personally feel makes me unique also includes the fact that I would like to show you that in person.
    8. I am rudely honest. (But only to those people who I know can take it) This will be much more clear because of ‘7’
    9. No
    10. If other posts as as much fun as this one; why not?


  2. You’re right Kate…it was fun. And it’s inspiring to get to know others. I hope you don’t mind, I quoted you a couple of times on my blog because said everything so well. I wish I would have made it two separate entries like you did though. It makes it easier to read and for others to try.

    1. How long have you been blogging and what possessed you to start? I have been blogging for about ten years. I’ve always loved writing, and I was learning I was wading through the process of learning how to do collage. The community was overwhelming. I stopped for about two years because things got really busy. Then I wanted to rebuild a new community around reading and writing and learning about others because it feeds my spirit.

    2. What do you like to blog about? Anything I am inspired about. Soulful things, things that are interesting or catch my eye. I LIVE poetry in all it’s beautiful forms, art, photography, writing, a leaf.

    3. What types of bloggers do you follow? Mostly I follow poets because I am inspired at their observations. I enjoy lots of writing and photography as well…and sometimes those food ones catch my eye.

    4. What country are you from. If from the US, what state? I am from Idaho in the good ole USA. (raised in Texas though)

    5. Have you ever been published? Yes, a book of poetry and soon a small book of short stories along with a community of writers.

    6. Are you a writer or a photographer? Mostly a writer, but I dabble I photography.

    7. Tell me one thing (or several) that makes you unique. I look for the “gold in the soul” of people and I live and breath creative outlets…as above, it feeds my soul.

    8. Name one positive attribute you have that helps in making this world a better place. I teach writing to heal.

    9. Do you have any children? If so, how many and what ages? 3 beautiful daughters all grown.

    10. What would you like to see more of on my blog? Anything that makes your heart smile and skip a beat!

    I also copied this part from Kate because it’s so true for me as well.


    • Thank you for sharing!! I love to write. It’s almost like it’s in my DNA. I, too, enjoy soulful things. I’ve created such a positive community on WordPress, it makes me sad that it took me so long to find it. Copy anything you’d like! The more we get to know our followers, the more we have to share! I copied the idea from another blogger, and it’s fun to actually learn who the people are behind the names. It makes the friendship more meaningful. Thanks again for sharing. You’re a good person!!


  3. Hi Kate, I have been enjoying reading your blog in the past few weeks that I am following you. You are very positive and I’d like to be a friend.

    Here are my answers
    1. Since June 2014. Just couple of months. I love to read and was longing to write for a long time. But the family, job, etc kept me away. Realised one day that I will never be a writer by thinking about it and took the plunge.
    2. Personal stories, issues close to my heart.
    3. I love good writing and not just someone writing up as ‘Dear Diary’. I like blogs like yours(positive thoughts), historical stuff, books, parenting, good photography
    4. India
    5. Never published, but aiming in the direction, trying to find my niche.
    6. Writer
    8. My friends tell me I am a very calm person. they come to me for talking out their issues, choices.
    9. 2 boys, 15 & 9
    10.I like it as it is. Simple and relaxing.


    • Well, then hello! Welcome to my blog! I love that you took the plunge, because some people are such beautiful writer’s, they don’t even realize it! I’m excited you have boys!! Now I, too, can come to you seeking advice!! I appreciate you stopping by… more than you know, and look forward to a newfound friendship. ❤

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  4. I am the other half of Joewriteshiswrongs Joe writes everything and I (his girl) post it for him since he can not post it himself due to being incarcerated. I came across your blog though and thought it looked fun to fill out the questions…so I answered them pertaining to him. -Jen

    1. For almost a year but about 6 months on WordPress. Joe wanted to share with the world his journey to becoming a better person while surrounded by complete chaos on a daily basis.
    2. His life as an incarcerated artist/writer striving for better.
    3. Anyone who I find interesting and some people I actually print blogs out and send them to Joe or read it over the phone.
    4. U.S. Virginia
    5. He was published in 20th Anniversary Readers Choice Edition Chicken Soup for the Soul…his story and a cartoon. AA Grapvine magazine (2 different months) and a few other prison magazines.
    6. Artist/Writer
    7. He has been incarcerated for over 6 years with a little over a year left to serve for non-violent drug charges. He has turned his life around and works hard every day to better himself.
    8. I’m gonna have to ask him what he would say for this one. Lol
    9. He doesn’t have any of his own but I have a 8 year old son.
    10. I just came across it so I am still looking around. 🙂


    • I LOVE to hear stories like this. A young man doing good to turn his life around. How is that NOT inspiring? And to be published? He’s obviously very good at what he does. I’m glad you stopped by and answered for him. Perhaps you can print it out and see how accurate you are. And once he gets out, I wish for him nothing but success!! Thank you so much and tell Joe I said to keep up the good work!! He’s lucky to have you.


  5. 1. I’ve been blogging since last year. One summer, I was at my sister house and I woke up and just said that I should start blogging with poetry. My first blog was with just poetry. It’s called I stopped being on that one when I started going to church. I changed my blog site to word press after I found out my purpose in life that God has revealed to me. My other blog was only about poetry that was depressing. My purpose was to help people through my poetry and to encourage them. So, this is what I’m doing now.

    2.) I like to blog about poems, scriptures, music, encouraging words, and more.

    3.) I follow Christian Blogs like mine. I also follow blogs with different types of poetry that catches my attention.

    4.) I’m from US, IL

    5.) No I haven’t been published yet but, I will be soon. God is still working on me.

    6.) I am most definitely a writer. Writing is my passion.

    7.) Writing makes me unique and I write differently from others. The way I dress makes me unique and my personality.

    8.) My writing is very positive and my gift is to help people. That’s exactly what I’m doing and I hope that my writing will help make this world a better place.

    9.) I have no children at all.

    10.) I would like to see anything that catches my attention. Encouraging words, poetry or something that you can think of that will catch any ones attention.


    • This is just beautiful. It’s funny you say writing is your passion. I feel the same way; as if I was put here specifically to write. It’s just in my DNA. If I’m not writing, I’m full of anxiety. I’m so happy I found WordPress, as it’s an outlet; separate from my secret journals that I can share with others. You seem to be a natural poet. Very beautiful writing. And the fact that you’re using your talent to help others? Pure awesomeness!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

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      • Thank You so much and you’re welcome. Please be sure to stop by my blog on wordpress and leave feedback. I would really appreciate it. I will stop by your blog again as well. Have a blessed day. 🙂


      • My time for tonight is limited as I have an 11 year old to take care of (dinner, shower, bed, etc,) but from what I’ve read so far, you’ve got yourself another follower. Absolutely beautiful and very inspiring. Excellent work!!! May I make a suggestion? I’ll try to get the accurate site, but there’s a WordPress site I believe) who will promote your work for free. If you go to the site, it tells you how to submit your work, but it also displays your work for thousands of other bloggers to read as well. I want to see you soar!!

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      • Thank You so much for your support I truly appreciate it. God is an amazing God. Thank you for following me and I appreciate the feedback. I will check that website out right now. Thank you so much. 🙂 Have a blessed day.


  6. 1. I started blogging in the end of June. I think I just wanted to try something new. Writing is something I have always liked, but I always have just kept a private journal or written for school in the past. I wanted to express my thoughts in a more positive way, and not so negatively (like I do in my private journal). I thought this would keep my more positive. I also thought this would be a good coping skill for me, since I have mental illness and really need an outlet a lot of the time.

    2. I like blogging about mental health issues and awareness since I am affected by it and know quite a few people affected by it. There is a lot of stigma about it and so I want to break that down. I also like writing about other things here and there, but I try to relate it back to mental health in some way if I can.

    3. I suppose I mainly follow other people who write about mental health, but I also follow people that do the daily prompt as I participate in that. I also search other random topics that interest me and will sometimes follow those blogs as well. Whatever looks interesting!

    4. Currently living in Florida in the US. However, lived in Indiana the last 6 years and just moved here a little over a year ago.

    5. Never been published.

    6. I write on here… But I am not sure I am great it at. I like taking pictures and doing photography for fun too…but again, not great at that. Both are just hobbies for me 🙂

    7. Hmm something that makes me unique—not really sure at the moment. I am sure there is something, but I will have to get back to you on that!

    8. I definitely stand up for what I believe in. I am open minded to others beliefs and realize we all have our own opinions. However I do believe that there are certain things that are just human rights and social justices and will stand my ground on them. I will not be mean or be physically abusive to anyone regarding them. But I will state my point and hopefully be making the world a better place for it.

    9. No children.

    10. I would like to see anything that you feel is important or interesting! Anything from the heart that is written is the best thing to see because it is the most powerful!


    • Thanks for sharing! I like your writing… I wouldn’t say you aren’t great at it! And I’m in NY… So badly wanting to move to Georgia though. I’m glad to see you stand up for your beliefs, AND that you’re interested in spreading awareness for mental illness, as I am suffering from a few different diagnoses as well. Thanks for your quick response!! I’m so happy at just the thought of getting to know everyone better. And I KNOW there is something unique about you. There is uniqueness in all of us!! Thanks for sharing!! And I look forward to future conversations! Don’t be a stranger!!

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