5 Word Challenge: Week 2

5 Word Challenge: Week 2 A special thanks to Vexing Point for the challenge.  You should all try it.  It’s a challenge.  Can you do it?  I dare you all to try.  Prove that you can create something beautiful, an art form, that includes ALL 5 words.  Thanks again.

The 5 words?

1. Ancient

2. Gateway

3. Metal

4. Cat

5. Politics

…awesome… this is NOT going to be easy, BUT, I’m going to try.  I might just get my ass handed to me on this one.


There is an ancient doorway

I see it up ahead

It’s a gateway to happiness

And positivity instead

Of this negative world

That we’re living in.

The gateway is metal

But is smooth like soft skin.

As you make your approach

Your heart beats much faster

You feel the vibes of goodness

And look back on the disaster.

The disaster we’ve created

That we now want to fix.

Unnecessary violence

And crooked politics.

As you open the door,

cat scoots right by

Brushing your shin,

He is not at all shy.

I do not know if

Such a place does exist

But I hope and I pray

That should it, I don’t miss

The opportunity to enter

And be part of the movement

To bring peace to this world

With peace, love and resolution.

No more fighting, No wars

No babies dying

No nasty words and

No one left outside crying.

A world where negativity

Ceases to thrive

It’s flame is blown out

By those feeling alive

Alive and happy with

No fights to fight

Alive and feeling good

Everyday and every night.

If you do find this place

Please let me know, right away

I’ll pack all my bags and

I’ll be there to stay.


I apologize for the length… once I get started, I can’t seem to stop myself.  Hope you like!!  I thought it would be difficult, but found it to be fun.  Looking forward to week 3!!  Please don’t give up, even if no one else does it.  It’s inspiring!!  And that’s what this world needs more of!!




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