I am absolutely speechless

A few weeks ago, I was joined in a conversation in which we were discussing things we’d like to do or that we had done in the past but no longer did.  My encouragement was directed to the young woman who wrote the blog, but another blogger also expressed an interest.  He, Fazal Abbas, expressed an interest in sketching.  He used to do it years ago, but kind of just let life get in the way of his passions.  Well, he is back to sketching, and what a talented man he is!!!  Fazal, I see you soaring with your abilities!!  Today in the mail, I received a sketch from him, that is probably the most beautiful gift someone has ever given me.  I LOVE it!!!  I have to get the measurements, so I can get a proper frame for it, but before the week is over, it will be hanging on my wall, where I will look at it everyday and be reminded of your kindness, and your talent, and your friendship.  It is absolutely beautiful and brought tears to not only my eyes, but to my girlfriends as well.  She was sitting outside with me when it arrived.  A simple thank you is not enough.  However, I am speechless.  You have many talents, and are extremely great with all of them!!  I thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart.  I love it!  I truly do, and I cannot thank you enough.  Please, keep doing what you’re doing.  You are such a good person, and I am honored to call you my friend!!  I am so glad that our paths have crossed. I will talk to you again soon.  Once again, thank you so much, my friend.  YOU have just made my day.

~Kate…never without words, except for this very moment, Kate.


7 thoughts on “I am absolutely speechless

  1. Dear Kate

    Thanks a lot for your post. I am truly honoured :). And Thank you for encouraging me on that day, I purchase material straight after leaving the office and feel really good on what I have achieved over past month or so.

    Sorry I have been extremely busy in work and saw this post today.

    Thank you very much 🙂


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