And so it goes…

I’m puzzled by the countless times I thought that the world would stop spinning.  Whether it was a bad break up, a fight with a girlfriend, bad news about my son… what ever it happened to be.  However, not at any point in time, during any of these situations did the world stop spinning.  Life goes on.  It doesn’t stop to let us take a break, to recharge or to catch up.  It just keeps going.  Sometimes like a small boat going along with the tide, and other times like a freight train.  But it always spins.  Yes, the world always spins and I always win.  I don’t say this to sound cocky or to try to convince you that I am better than anyone.  I always win because that’s just the way I see things.  Even if I lose, I still come out a winner.  This past couple of days for example:  I lost who I thought was a really good friend.  Turns out she’s a sociopath (and I don’t mean this in a light hearted way, or a way to make fun).  She was court ordered to be in therapy and she’s not.  Her whole life has turned upside down, and it turns out it’s all my fault.  Yup, I made her make all of these stupid mistakes, and I made her to continue to make all of these stupid mistakes, and when she gets caught, because I tell the truth, EVERYTHING is my fault.  So, I lost what I thought was a good friend but gained an honest, open friend in her place.  I refuse to see the negative, even in the worst of situations.  Why?  Why dwell on the bad when there is so much good right in front of our faces?  It’s taken me quite a long time to get where I am, as far as my thinking, but I’ve made it.  I’ve changed my perception.  Imagine life as a menu.  You’ve got a whole list of moods you can be in today.  Well, today and everyday, I choose happiness.  I choose to be happy.


Good night fellow bloggers!  Hope you have a happy tomorrow.

Peace, love and happiness, Always,



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If you can't be kind, be quiet. : ) Have a good day!!

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