Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better…

I’m sick.  I’ve got one hell of a stomach bug, and as soon as we got home from karate, I spent a good half hour in the bathroom.  Then Bill comes home from work, and this is in part, where the tears begin.  Ryan insists on having long hair.  I so badly want him to get it cut, because he looks so handsome when it’s short.  However, Bill said “If he wants long hair, let him have long hair.”  And then he called Ryan out of his bedroom.  Ryan turned off the game and got ready to go.  Bill made a plan with him last night to go get it trimmed, and I’m not allowed to go, because if I go, Ryan will end up getting it cut.  I’m on the phone with my mom telling her how stupidly happy I am when Bill sends me a text.  It’s a picture.  He took Ryan out to lunch to eat at Moe’s; Ryan’s favorite restaurant.  So my boys are bonding today, and I’m sitting on the couch, sick and crying because I’ve never felt so good.  THIS is what Ryan needs, and to see Bill step up makes my heart swell.  Have I mentioned how much I love this man?  How he’s capable of making me feel like no one ever has?  How I want to spend everyday with him for the rest of my days, and every night wrapped in his arms?  Out of all the “things” I have to be grateful for, I cannot thank who ever crossed our paths enough.  I’d like to write more, but I just want to go lay on the couch and rest, knowing that both of my boys are happy and having fun.  One on one time that Ryan has been denied for so long.  I wish you all knew Bill.  He doesn’t get enough recognition; he really doesn’t.


Here’s to hoping you can all find something to be grateful for today and every day.


Just an update…  Ryan came home with his hair trimmed and even, with an extra taco that he couldn’t eat, and raced right into a hug with me.  Holding back tears, he said as quietly as he could, “Mom, this was the best day ever!” and ran into his room so Bill wouldn’t see him cry.  I cannot even begin to tell you how many tears were shed in this house today, between me and my son, but every single one of them were pure tears of joy.  Something we haven’t had in quite a long time.  Bill is STILL making fun of me for being so sappy about it all, but he has NO IDEA what he did for this young man today, nor how deeply he touched my heart.  I am forever grateful for this man.  This man who, just over a year ago was a complete stranger.  Little did we know he was the missing piece; the glue holding us all together; the one who inspires us to be better people than we were yesterday.  We love you Bill.  So much more than you’ll ever know.


7 thoughts on “Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better…

  1. love the part where it went on the back burner. you had such a great day, I think you expressed your happiness quite well, and I’m happy for you. there’s just not enough days where tears of joy are shed, so THANKS for the reminder of what a day is capable of bringing. It’s funny who or what can come into your life in a year, it’s what I blogged about today as well.. hope the three of you have a great Sunday, and it’s an honor letting us peer into your life and family so that we can all learn and expand. thanks!!


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