A positive note…

I have spent the majority of my day obtaining as much info as I possibly could on this evil group, determined to attack the US.  In doing so, I have made them stronger.  I refuse to put any more thought into the “what if’s” and end my night on a positive note.  So, with that said…

We spent the day as a family.  We got all of Ryan’s school supply shopping done and are picking up his schedule Tuesday, and hopefully meeting with his counselor to get a few adjustments made.  Bill cooked us a delicious dinner of lasagna with home-made sauce, meatballs and fresh Italian bread.  My oh my…this man can cook!!  Ryan was teary eyed as he went to sleep tonight, but he says they were happy tears, and that he’s so glad it’s the 3 of us against the world (our motto since he was born has been “It’s me and you against the world, kiddo.”).  I think the time he spent with Bill did something to him.  He’s more confident when he speaks, and I only have to ask him ONE time to do something!!  He’s FINALLY listening to me!!  Bill and Ryan both say they had a great time, and if Bill said or did something to upset Ryan, I know he’d tell me.  So they obviously had a heart to heart, and Ryan absorbed every word.

Tonight, I am so grateful that there is no fighting in our house.  No yelling, no scolding, no abuse to “toughen Ryan up,” no animosity, no hidden anger, no negativity.  I am grateful for all that I have, and all that I’ll be receiving in the very near future.  I am grateful for the simple things and I am grateful for the amount of love that fills this house.  I’m not ashamed to say that we are one positive family, hoping to spread this contagious feeling of a natural high to those closest to us in the hopes that they too pass it along.  I am grateful for old and new friends.  I am grateful for the life I have been given and the blessings each new day brings.

I could go on and on, with all that I have to be grateful for, but the love of my life is waiting for me to finish up so that we can fall asleep wrapped up in each others arms.  So, I hope you can all stop, even if for only a brief moment and think of all that YOU have to be grateful for.

Good night fellow bloggers.

Peace, love and happiness, Always!

~Kate…one extremely grateful, extremely blessed, Kate.


5 thoughts on “A positive note…

  1. just have to let you know, your blog yesterday inspired mine today. nice to see you FEELING good again, have a great week!!! with left over Lasagna it’s bound to be good anyways!! smile.


    • I didn’t want to leave on a negative note. I WANT to be positive and STAY positive. It’s hard when there is so much negativity surrounding us. However, we pushed it all away and stayed positive. It feels good to be happy and I want to share it!! It feels awesome, it’s a natural high (high on life) and it’s highly contagious, so be careful… 😉 Thanks for reading!! I hope you have yourself a great night/day depending where you are in this great big world, and have many things that you can be grateful for.


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