ISIS Declares War On America – So Let’s Give Them One!

Up until late this morning, I was completely ignorant to ISIS as I don’t watch the news (it’s too negative). Well, I guess this is the price I pay… I do not condone violence at ALL, but couldn’t agree with this post more.

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Published By: 1World Online

ISIS, ISIL, IS or whatever this low-life, scum of the Earth group is now calling themselves, has officially declared war on America. They did this blatantly in a video on social media when they beheaded journalist, James Foley, and threatened to do so again unless President Obama ends the bombing of ISIS targets in Iraq.

To which most Americans would like to say – GO AHEAD – YOU WANT A WAR – WE’LL GIVE YOU ONE!

This issue is not about politics anymore, or getting involved in an overseas conflict in which we have no interest. It is about protecting American citizens and punishing radical, extremists who declare war on innocent Americans and others who follow a specific, religious belief.

This is also about keeping a dangerous terrorist group from growing stronger and spreading their horrific wrath of evil on America and the rest of the…

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