Allergic to Sunlight

Daily Prompt:New Dawn

How often do you get to (or have to) be awake for sunrise? Tell us about what happened the last time you were up so early (or late…).


Regardless of whether I stay up late or get up early, I really don’t enjoy sunlight.  It’s hot, it makes me all sticky and sweaty AND I break out all over because I am literally allergic to it.  Hell, I’m allergic to everything.  I got stung by a bee, and started to swell (nothing major) but being that I’m allergic to Benedryl, I was kind of freaking out, as to what I should take in its place.

There is one sunrise I hope to never forget.  And that would be the sun coming up over the ocean in Maine.  The colors of the sky, bouncing off the water, made it extra bright.  And what started out as a pink/purple sky was bright orange in no time at all as the sun quickly rose into place. 

Any other time, I’d prefer the shade, and night time.  My mind seems to come alive at night.  I do most of my writing at night, and get a lot more accomplished when the sun goes down.  The other day, Bill failed to close the curtain in our bedroom and I woke up to the sun beating in my face.  Needless to say, it didn’t start out to be a very good day.  He made up for it though, as he always does. (XOXO Love you Beefcake!)

Why am I all of a sudden the odd duck with all the daily prompts.  I’m not liking this too much.  My father suggested I write about my new bottle of Dawn dish detergent and the fact that if you cut it in half and add water, you get more for your money.  If I did this, I’m sure my ex would print it out and show the judge just how certifiable I am.  So, I’ll stick to the prompts, but I wish I could relate to more of them, so I’d have more to write about…  Kind of a downer when you don’t fit in.  Oh well.  Le’s see what tomorrow brings…

Happy Blogging!!





2 thoughts on “Allergic to Sunlight

  1. The prompt didn’t say you had to LIKE the sun Kate 😀 I think you fit in just fine. Personally, I love the FEEL of the sun on my skin for about a nanosecond (unless it’s winter time) and them I’m happy to look at it from the comfort of my house! LOL


    • Oh… whoops. I guess I’m just so used to not being able to relate to all the prompts, that I just kind of assumed this one wouldn’t be any different. No…I don’t like the sun…AT ALL. 🙂


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