Mom of the Year Award… FINALLY

And I can say that, because the child psychiatrist said I am doing EVERYTHING perfectly!  So, we woke up today, finished up the majority of Ryan’s clothes shopping, I got him a smart phone and can’t wait for Bill to come home and set it up.  I’m tired of him being in situations (like getting locked on a damn bus) and his crappy little track phone not working.  So, now he’s got the real deal.  No more “You have no service.”  He used his own gift cards to get a few items he’s been wanting for his Playstation, which it fine by me, because as of September 3rd, the game system is gone.  I’ve switched all of his classes so that he won’t be in any classes with the offspring his “father” chose over him, and I’ve already been in contact with all of his new teachers.  I have a feeling that this year is going to be so much better than last.  Mentally?  He is ready to go!  Me? Not so much.  We’ve spent every day strengthening our bond, I really don’t want to see him go.  However, he needs to be around other kids, and he was very excited to be dropping all of his things off and getting back into the school routine.  Looking forward to the open house, meeting his teachers and watching him bring home nothing but good grades this year.  He’s 11, (12 in October) and has decided to start saving all of his cash (not gift cards) for his first car.  I’d say we’ve made significant improvement over the summer and I am one proud mother.  So, this Mom of the Year Award was presented to me by Ryan, today, after all our running around was done.  It’s taken me 11 years, but I finally did it!!!  My son knows all about enlightenment, and how he should pray for those that bully him because for them to be so hurtful, they must be hurting inside themselves.  He’s not taking it so personally so much any more (AWESOME!!!) and he knows the power of positive thinking.  I’d say we’re off to a pretty good start…  He got 2 pairs of sneakers, as he’s growing an inch and 3/4 a month and will no doubt be in a size 9 before the school year ends.  He’s eye level with me, but still does Monkey Love (long story).  I love this kid.  He is definitely my heartbeat. 

Hope you all have one exceptional day!!

~Kate…Mom of the year, Kate!!


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