Backwards… that’s how I was built.

And why do I say this?  Because EVERYTHING I do is the exact opposite of how “normal” people do them.

I had a friend who I trusted.  We are no longer friends. I give everyone the benefit of the doubt.  I trust them completely unless or until they give me reason not to.  I’m so naïve it sometimes makes ME sick.  Now I sit back and watch how all of these people have taken advantage of me for years.  And I haven’t done a thing to change my ways.  I refuse to let one (or a few) bad apples spoil it for the whole bunch.  So, maybe one day I’ll get lucky and meet the person who doesn’t lie, who doesn’t stand there with their hands out, who doesn’t resort to name calling.  Maybe…  but in the meantime, I’m starting to lose hope.

Anyhow, I’m still me.  Backwards as backwards could be, and totally okay with it.  I’m not changing who I am because there are evil, rotten, down right mean people in this world.  I’m bound to run into a good seed one of these days.  Wish I could write more, but as you all know, I’ve got troll ex’s following me, and the less they know about me and my personal life, the better.  I wish I had it in me to actually write today.  But…it’s just not there.  The laundry is in the washers, and the dishes are done.  Ryan’s been fed breakfast and lunch, and we’re having tacos for dinner.  I’m not in the best of moods today, but this is where I go back and re-read all my previous posts about changing MY perception.  I don’t like the way I feel right now, and I’m the only one who can change it.  So, a few moments reflecting on positivity and all should be right with the world again.


Hope you are all having a great weekend!!



15 thoughts on “Backwards… that’s how I was built.

      • That’s fantastic. Please visit back my blog. You’ll find many thing useful, its my word. You said well, life is really to short we need to make full of it!

        Swetank (from Being Bettr!) 😀


      • Will do. I want to devote a day to reading everyone else’s blogs, instead of just writing on mine. So, rest assured, I’ll be visiting more often, now that my son is going to be in school all day. Thank you for your words of encouragement. THIS is why I love WordPress!! You’re a good guy!

        Liked by 1 person

      • That’s a fantastic idea. I hope you get most out of you day! Well, I love wordpress too.. Thank you for being generous. Its all because of your lovely words! 🙂

        Be Bettr, Stay Bettr!


    • I like it that way, even though I get burned quite often. I don’t think people are given a fair chance in life. I’d rather give someone my full trust up front. If they choose to lie, cheat, steal, beg for money, etc., then I’ll sever ties. But I don’t want to change who I am on account of a few rotten people. Ya know?


If you can't be kind, be quiet. : ) Have a good day!!

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