Just a simple change in perception was all it took.

It’s absolutely amazing how changing your perception can effect your mood so much.  It’s not that I was in a bad mood, but rather a sour mood.  Not, unhappy, but not my normally happy self.  It took me a while, but I changed my perception and look at that… life is good.  Life is GREAT!  I’ve got no complaints, and can go to bed tonight grateful, and happy in my king sized bed and all my pillows.  Ryan is fast asleep, getting ready to get back into school mode (5:30am wake up calls) and I’m right behind him.  See?  The sun went down!  I’m ready to write!!  But, I’ve got to shut it all down for the night and make sense of the notes I wrote today and try to turn it into a post for tomorrow.  Thank you to all of you who kept on my butt and encouraged me.  Your kindness doesn’t go un-noticed.  I appreciate it very much.  For now, I’ve got a new book to read and I’m going to go lay in bed and read until my eyes slam shut.  Unless Bill has other plans (sorry for the TMI dad).  Hope you all have a great night and weekend to follow.

~Kate…one extremely grateful, Kate.


If you can't be kind, be quiet. : ) Have a good day!!

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