Political Correctness on Word Press

I’m fairly new to the concept of blogging, and I have to admit, it’s still a bit intimidating to let my emotions out for all the world to see.  Have you ever heard of the “Labeling Theory”?  Well, if not, I’ll give you the basics.  Someone calls you crazy for years and years, (a label) and you start to believe it.  So, because my ex’s are mean and rotten and full of venom, they haven’t had very many nice things to say about me.  So, for quite a few years I was under the impression I was in fact crazy.  Well, after a few sessions with my therapist, I’m now well aware that I’m not the crazy one.  I won’t place blame, as we all have to hold ourselves accountable, and some people just aren’t there yet.  However, I will say that after my most recent conversation with my ex, I do believe there is some seriously strong mental instability in his head and in his household.

With that said, as I’m sure you’re aware, WordPress sends you a cute little symbol to notify you that you have a new follower.  I check everyone out who follows me, and I have to admit, when I go to their blogs, there is some pretty negative posts.  I’m trying to better my life by removing negativity.  I know the proper thing to do is to follow someone who chooses to follow you, but I simply can’t.  I don’t want to scroll through all the posts in the morning seeing nasty negative posts.  I’m not saying my life is rainbows and sunshine all the time, but if I know negativity is no good, why would I sign up to follow it?  I’m positive for a reason.  I like the way it feels.  I like being happy.  I just think that if I were to follow all of those following me, I might be brought down.  Does that make sense?  So, if you are following me, and I haven’t returned the follow, I hope you understand my reasoning.  And so many times people follow me and I don’t have time to look at their blogs, ultimately forgetting to do so.  So, sometime during the week, I will check you all out, I promise.  If I’m not following you back, it might be a simple overlook on my part.  However, if you’ve got nothing but negative rants and nasty posts, that may be the reason I’m not a follower.  I apologize, but I want positivity!!!  I want to feel good and be happy.  If I read nasty blogs, I’m afraid I might absorb that negative energy and be miserable all day.

So, I hope you all have a great night, and know that I will be checking out all of my followers within the next week (schools starting so my time is currently limited).  Those of you I do already follow?  I love you all!!!  AND…  I’ll be blogging with you soon! 🙂

~Kate…one, trying to be politically correct on WP, Kate.


10 thoughts on “Political Correctness on Word Press

  1. Tempest Rose is right, you don’t have to follow everyone and I agree, YOU get to make that call. What you fill your mind with matters. Also, while I follow a lot of other bloggers, I don’t always get to read every one of their posts. Usually I’m only here on work days when I can jump in briefly and take a quick look. I’m serious about keeping the blog confidential from my husband and family so it’s safer to only “be Janey” during the work day. That makes for a lot of catch up after a weekend and I often just skim. I think we can all be glad they don’t take roll at Word Press! 😀


  2. Actually, that’s one of the biggest pieces of blogging advice I’ve ever taken — “you do not have to follow back everyone who follows you.” When someone follows me I check out their blog to see if I’m interested in it. If I’m not, I don’t follow. It’s WAY too much pressure to worry about that many people that i’m not really interested in.


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