Any Job that’s NOT the one I have. :)

Daily Prompt: Nightmare Job

In honor of Labor Day in North America, tell us what’s the one job you could never imagine yourself doing.

There are too many to pick from!  I have the ideal job and I’d rather focus on that.  I get paid to stay home and write.  If I don’t write, and I just choose to hang out with Ryan and Bill for the day, I still get paid.  I can spend the day reading!!  LOVE my job.  So, if it’s a job other than what I currently have, it’s not for me.  That’s a lot easier than trying to talk about one or several that aren’t for me.

Wow…sorry so short.  It’s straight, simple and to the point though.

Hope you all have a great day and enjoy the job you’re currently doing! Happy Blogging and Labor Day!!



10 thoughts on “Any Job that’s NOT the one I have. :)

      • I dunno, I’m still in the beginning process and I fear people will think I’m too “stable”. Plus I REALLY want to be a teacher, if I could manage to stay in college long enough to get my degree.


      • I would LOVE to have a job; connect with other adults; contribute to society, etc. I tried. I really did. But the anxiety and the panic got the best of me. So, now I try to live as stress free a life as I possibly can. It still does a number on me taking a trip to the grocery store, but I’m managing. It’s not easy to be carrying around the label of mental illness, but it’s real, and in all honesty, Social Services saved my life. So, my hat’s off to you if you can go out into the world and function properly, and not have a panic attack in line at the store. I hope you DO finish school and you have the chance to be a teacher, because I believe you’d make one hell of a teacher! I wish you nothing but the best, and I mean that.

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      • Thank you so much=]
        I understand it’s much harder to actually have to be on disability, but sometimes I do wish I was less functioning so people would expect less from me. Every time I break down they think I’m being lazy or making it up. This is my second attempt at college and I’m taking the semester off because I know I’m not prepared to go back, and I’m just getting so much shit from everyone I know.
        Stigma sadly goes both ways=[


      • I’m not proud to say I’m disabled, but I’m extremely grateful for their help, for without it, I wouldn’t be able to support myself or my son. I carry the label around with all thee names I’ve been called. Not a big deal. I know through my journey to enlightenment, that when someone is calling you names, A.) They still have very intense feelings for you. B.) They are hurting inside. So when someone calls me a name, I pray for them.

        It’s probably a wise choice to hold off if you know in your heart you aren’t ready. Otherwise your grades will reflect it. Go with your gut and know that I truly do wish you the best.

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