Love days like today…

When my ex tries his hardest to drive me crazy and it simply doesn’t work; (you are NOT getting back into MY computer…EVER.  Give up already.) when my boyfriend calls just to say good morning, he loves me and hopes I have a great day; when Ryan is happy going to school, confident it’s going to be a good day; when I talk to my dad first thing and his comments about said ex’s attempts still have me laughing.  And my conversation this morning with Ryan about the “Stupid Karate Kid.”  At 11 years old my son says “Does he even have a clue that I could take him down without even breaking a sweat mom?”  LOVE this kid!!!  The past week was very trying.  I’ve done some writing this morning, but didn’t get much sleep last night.  I was stuck in the dream stage all night and they weren’t very good dreams.  I dreamt of grown men not brushing their teeth, and the build up of their mothers breast milk lying along their gum line.  I dreamt of pathetic human beings, wasting space on this earth for those of us truly worthy of being here.  It was a restless night, and since I’ve done some writing already, and Ryan’s off to school, I think I’m going to take myself a little cat nap.  As I begin to fall asleep, I’ll recall all of the memories we made yesterday and last night, and hopefully get this monster out of my head.  He belongs in an institution, not taking up precious space in my brain.  Hope you all have a good day!!

PLH4 Always!!!!

~Kate…one extremely exhausted, Kate.


2 thoughts on “Love days like today…

If you can't be kind, be quiet. : ) Have a good day!!

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