A day devoted to writing…

…but not on here.  So guys (and girls).  I’ve begun a new project and it turns out it’s become more therapeutic than I imagined.  I have the idea of writing a book.  It was originally going to be a positive, inspirational book.  Now, I’ve come up with a new concept.  raising awareness.  I wrote quite a bit yesterday and spent the evening wrapped in my boyfriends arms, as he allowed me to cry myself to sleep.  You see, NO ONE knows me.  No one knows my daily struggles or what it’s like to be in my head for so much as an hour.  If I can raise awareness, sign me up!  So, you all have a great day.  I’ll be on the flip side, writing what’s in my heart.

PLH4 Always!!



2 thoughts on “A day devoted to writing…

If you can't be kind, be quiet. : ) Have a good day!!

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