OMG!!! TOTALLY Fist Bumping AUSTRALIA right now!!!

I just turned on the national news to learn that Australia, the only place I’ve ever longed to live, stopped ISIS in their dirty, grimy, disgusting tracks!!  Woo Hoo!!  Kudos to you for not taking any shit!  While OUR president, and the British Prime Minister are out on the golf course, trying to decide what and how to deal with this group of psychotic FREAKS, YOU stand up and actually DO SOMETHING about it!  I LOVE YOU AUSTRALIA!!  I promise I will live there one day, and this just gives me all the more reason!!  Kudos to you, 2 thumbs up, a strong fist bump from one not so proud American.  Hey… maybe the FBI will read this and deport me there…  Ha!  Wishful thinking.


5 thoughts on “OMG!!! TOTALLY Fist Bumping AUSTRALIA right now!!!

  1. G’day Kate,
    Aussie Aussie, Oye Oye Oye, hahahahaha, I’m so thrilled to see Abbie isn’t biased, just a tad misinformed. but I won’t hold that against our next door neighbours 😉


  2. Haha. Aussie is pretty cool but you should REALLY check out New Zealand – smaller and better (not that I’m biased or anything!). haha. It is so scary when that sort of terrorism becomes so close to our home though, we tend to feel a bit insulated right down here at the bottom of the world.


    • Well, if it makes you feel any better a man was arrested just the other day, here in NY, not 2 hours from me… for assisting in funding this terrorist group. This is just disgusting and these people NEED to be stopped. Like I said… I want my grandchildren to ask me “What was war?” I’m so sick and tired of hearing of all this senseless killing. For what?! It seems as though this specific group is killing just for the sake of killing! The whole thing just disgusts me. I have dreamed of living in Australia since I was in high school. To hear that you aren’t having any of this on your soil is all the more incentive for me to come down. 🙂 Peace, love and happiness, Always!!!

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