Date Night… with the boy who makes my heartbeat <3

Today happens to be one (if not the one) of the most favorite times of the year.  I’m taking my son to the movies and having a mom and son date night.  It is on these nights that he opens up and talks and tells me what’s on his mind.  We laugh, we cry, we watch a good movie and basically have a really good night.  As he gets older, these days aren’t as important to him (or maybe they are equally as important to him; he just hides it).  But nights like tonight are ones that I truly treasure and anticipate.  I come home and write about them in his journal; a book I started once I found out I was pregnant for him.  I want him to be able to look back on his childhood and have a positive written memory he can think back and reflect on.  He doesn’t have nearly enough of those.  I’m so happy that I’m the one privileged to give them to him.

Today didn’t start off so good… I woke up and told him it was time to get ready for karate, and put up a fuss.  Friday and Saturday are the only days he’s allowed to play video games and I just paid his monthly karate fee.  He said he didn’t feel like going, (he’d rather stay home and play video games)and maybe I over reacted a bit, but, once he was dressed and ready to go, I remembered that there were 3 days written on the board at the do-jo that stated which days there would be no classes held.  Today was one of them.  Whoops.  So, I ended up feeling like an ass, and gave him one of his birthday presents (his birthday isn’t until the end of October) to make up for it.

He LOVED it, and has spent the entire day playing with it, instead of video games, knowing full well he can’t play the game tomorrow.  And he’s smiling, so I’m smiling.  He’s already asking if it’s time to go to the movies yet, so I KNOW our night is going to be the complete opposite of our morning, and this is one thing I will forever be grateful for.  Memories…  You can take every material object away from me, you can call me every name in the book, you can think whatever it is you think of me, but I’M the one making the memories.  You’ll never get those.

Peace, Love and happiness, Always,

~Kate…one extremely blessed and grateful, memory making, Kate!


4 thoughts on “Date Night… with the boy who makes my heartbeat <3

    • Yes, he knows about it, and I plan to give it to him when he’s either 18 or 21. I want to record everything for him! Including his first kiss that he tries to sneak, thinking I’m not stalking him (hahahahahaha) to his first driving lesson, the day he buys his first car. EVERYTHING!


    • I should also mention that the reason I’m waiting until he’s older is because there’s some pretty nasty stuff in there. For example, when he was 6 months old, his father cheated on me with my best friend, who he’s now married to, 11 years later. So, I don’t want to hand him that stuff NOW. I want him to be more mature and have already formed his own opinion of his father before I go forcing him to make such an opinion at such a young age.


      • I totally understand waiting–it might make him self-conscious if he knows what you write about him, or, as you said, might prejudice his opinion of others. Thanks for sharing!


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