I want to learn to sketch and paint!

I’ve got all of these images in my head.  When I close my eyes, they are stunningly beautiful.  But when I put the pencil to paper, I hit a road block.  It’s like some part of my brain refuses the image to come out.  The only thing I’ve mastered is stick people.  I’m not into some color by number computer program.  I have a sketch pad, pencils and erasers ready to go…  I just need to know how to start.  So, to any of you who are in this field, and advice would be greatly appreciated.  Plus, I learned long ago how important art therapy can be, so now I’m on a mission.  Writing and drawing.  Got to do something to pass the time…  But I really want to capture these images that drift through my brain on paper before they’re gone for good.  And I should also mention that artistic ability runs in my “family.”  My siblings (who shall remain nameless because they don’t deserve the credit) are excellent at painting and drawing.  So, it’s in my blood.  I just have to figure out how to get it from my brain to my fingertips and then onto the page.

So, a sincere thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

~Kate…one desperate and determined Kate.


7 thoughts on “I want to learn to sketch and paint!

  1. P.S.

    When you draw, don’t use your pencil the way you would if you were, say, writing a letter or taking a test.

    Except for detail work, hold it more like a “weapon” and let your free-flowing wrist and arm do the work.



  2. Short of standing over your shoulder (yeah, you’d LOVE that), here’s what I’d suggest to get started:

    1. Create / get used to using a value scale.
    –> http://www.art-made-easy.com/value-scale.html

    Simply use increasing degrees of pressure on your pencil to achieve all the shades.
    (If all you have is #2 pencils, you won’t get to black. Charcoal will, which I have for you.)

    2. Put a household item in front of you — a can, bottle, apple, frying pan, spoon, salt / pepper shaker, etc.

    3. Keep erasers / tissues / Q-tips handy; excellent tools for blending and creating contrast.

    4. Get busy, and DON’T GET DISCOURAGED. Stay with it! (If you could see the early renderings of my first work, you’d split a gut.)

    5. Sketch paper is biodegradable, but take time to learn from what you throw away.
    (Keep your early ones for future reference — you’ll be amazed at your progress.)

    I look forward to your progress reports.



  3. Congratulations on having such a great talent!

    I would say, just draw. Without thinking what others would say or holding something back. Let it all go.


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