Question of the day…

Do I believe in hell?  Yes I do.  I believe that this right here, right now, what we are living in, is hell.  I don’t believe in burning pits of fire, or a devil with a staff.  I believe we are in fact our own devils.  There is ancient native American story about each of us having 2 wolves inside of us.  A good wolf and a bad wolf (devil).  The young Indian asks his grandfather which wolf is stronger.  His grandfather responds with “The wolf you feed.”  This is what I believe.  And I also believe we were put here to evolve.  To rid ourselves of the bad wolf.  Once we accomplish that, we don’t have to return to this hell.  We can spend all of eternity in Heaven.  For everyday is a new challenge.  There is no resting.  Each day brings with it a new lesson to learn, a test to pass.  Until one day…we pass them all, and our number is called.  Odds are, my number will be called a lot sooner than I anticipated, but that’s okay.  Ryan knows I’ll be his guardian angel.  And should my number be called, I’ll know that I’ve passed each test successfully.

Peace, Love and Happiness, Always!



4 thoughts on “Question of the day…

  1. Being a Christian, I believe in a Heaven (for those who accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior) and Hell (for those who reject Jesus). But I do agree that what comes out of us is what we feed. We can choose to live the life God wants us to live – full of love, mercy, and forgiveness – or we can choose to feed the “bad wolf” – the devil – doing the exact opposite of what God would want us to do.

    We’re all given a choice; each and every decision we make requires us to answer the question, “Is this choice in accordance with how God wants me to live, or is it in accordance with how the devil wants me to live?” It’s a rather sobering question.


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