I like being me… can you say the same?

I had to do another in depth scan on my computer as SOMEONE, some very little man is still attempting to hack into it, but was once again successfully BOOTED out.  So, at the end of everyday, I like being me.  Sure I have good days and bad days, but who doesn’t?  Him on the other hand… poor, pathetic excuse of a “man.”  When will you realize you will not get into MY computer ever again?  Bills?  Have at it.  He doesn’t even use it you tool.  It sits at his old house, collecting dust.  And we don’t communicate at all via email or Facebook.  I say this all the time, mostly joking, but now I’m dead ass serious.  It must SUCK being you.  Stuck in that tiny bedroom, jerking off to porn as no other woman will ever touch you.  He-hem… repulsive.  You see, I can lose weight.  You can’t grow back teeth scumbag.  And as for the crazy comments I know you’re going to leave…  Yes, I’m fucking INSANE!  That’s why I have my own income, am supporting myself and my son, living on my own, never depending on anyone again.  I’m sure you could say the same if you removed your mother’s tit from your mouth.  And I’m on my way to paying my parents back.  Can you say the same?  HARDLY!  Your mom is STILL paying for all your shit.  You’re a grown man!  Get off your ass, get a job, brush your teeth and leave us alone.  This is one relationship you cannot destroy.  And do you know why?  Because it’s true.  No bullshit.  No secrets, no lies, no drama.  True love.  I’ve finally found, and I refuse to let a little man such as yourself even attempt to put a dent in it.  So again… I like who I am.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could one day say the same?  I wonder if you go visit your sister, and have to go without seeing your mom, if you latch on to her tit to get you through…  Or does her husband frown upon that?  You come from a family a of freaks!  You, I have no words for.  One look and it speaks for itself.  Your brother lying in the lawn with shitty pants.  Your sister on a wild boar farm with 3 young children.  An uncle who if he hasn’t passed yet has a mouth full of your mothers other tit, a step father that despises you (as do several other people).  It really must suck being you.  Now that my computer has been cleaned out, and I know you aren’t in it… AGAIN, I’m going to go brush my teeth just to get the nasty feeling out of my mouth.  Can you say the same or hasn’t it been 7 days yet?  Ugh… you repulse me.  The ONLY good you did was got me away from a toxic relationship.  That’s it.  When Ryan found out you were at it again, he asked when “Vicky was going to get a life.”  HA HA HA HA  My 11 year old is making fun of you.  It’s time to grow up Vicky.  Move on.  Stop trying to get into my computer.  It’s NOT going to happen, no matter how hard you try.  Don’t you wish you could be me?  I’m freaking awesome!!  I rock!  You said I’d never amount to anything.  I think there was a little self projection in THAT statement, as I have already jumped leaps and bounds over you.  Yes, it’s awesome being me.  We feel sorry for you…


If you can't be kind, be quiet. : ) Have a good day!!

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