BCA month

It was this time last year that my then 10 year old wore pink nail polish to school, in support of my cousin who was recovering from breast cancer.  He got beat up and bullied, and then, to make matters worse, on his birthday, his father called him and yelled at him for being a “pussy”.  He said that he painted a target on his back and would be picked on and bullied for the rest of his school years.  This was the call where my son was told his mother’s nothing but a c**t.  No Happy Birthday… just you look like a pussy and your mother’s a c**t.  Well, my son’s story made the local news, and his message was heard by thousands more people.  He was a leader!  I have never been more proud of my son.  When he returned from school after that first day, sure he was in tears, so I took out the nail polish remover.  He said “I’m not taking it off.  If I do, that means they win.”  Do I have one evolved kid or what?  So very proud of him and all of his accomplishments.  He is so much smarter than any other kid his age.  And he’s learning things now that he won’t be struggling to figure out when he reaches his 30’s.  I am extremely blessed.


Take care of yourself and do self exams.  Early detection is best!!

~Kate…one extremely blessed mother, gracious girlfriend, and almost a non-smoker, Kate.


9 thoughts on “BCA month

  1. Well done to your brave son and well done you for being a great mum and raising such an enlightened and intelligent young man. Hold on to this memory it will help put things in to perspective when in a few years time he is driving you mad. I can say that I survived three boys all grown and flown. Love and best wishes to you both. xxxx


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