Can someone please invent a Troll Blocker???

I don’t think I need to say any more.  But it’s pretty sad that my ex’s (or their psycho significant others)are still stalking me and reading my blog.  Um…feel free to move along, any time now.  Really.  Honest.  My feelings won’t be hurt at all.  Buh Bye.  In the meantime, I seriously hope there is SOMEONE working on a way to block these trolls.

And for those of you trolls that insist on telling my son I’m a pill popping drug addict?  I went to the doctor Friday and was put on Advair and Proair HFA for severe asthma.  I know you want to be updated on all my meds so you can secretly private message him on his Playstation.  So, there you have it.  Two more meds you can accuse me of abusing.  Oh!  I was also put on 10mg. of Prednisone, but my system is way too sensitive, and it makes me too jittery, so I cannot take it.  NOW you have all my up to date med info. Assholes.


4 thoughts on “Can someone please invent a Troll Blocker???

  1. You know, it has been determined that trolls are generally sociopaths. Fortunately my stalkers are pretty quiet and have nothing to do with my personal life. Hopefully there will be a way to erradicate their kind soon.


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