From #BethlehemBuffalo to Baltimore MD

During the month of December, 2014, I had a plan in place.  I was enrolled in a program which helped with financial aid to go back to college and finish my degree.  My appointment was on January 15th.  Life had never been better.

January 12th of 2015, I was in a severe car accident, which resulted in the temporary loss of my car.  As of today, my car is STILL in the repair shop.  Yes, that’s correct… One hundred and seven days without a vehicle, and counting.  Over the course of those 107 days, my life has been chaotic, and that’s putting it mildly.  From deaths in the family, to friends giving birth, new doctors, surgeons, lawyers, lawsuits, settlements, school, college, concerns for my son’s health, the ups and downs of a typical relationship…  In a nut shell, my life has been anything BUT quiet.

The one thing that has remained consistent over the course of these 107 days, is the nightly news.  Every night, there is at least one breaking news story aimed at defaming a police department, be it local or across the nation.  Having gone to college for criminal justice, I hope you can understand that this literally makes me sick.  Yes, writing is ONE passion of mine, but criminal justice has always been in the forefront.  It disgusts me to hear such things about our police officers, but what’s worse is that sometimes these nasty things are true.

A few days ago, my local police department was being slammed on social media for being a bunch of savage murderers with a license to kill.  What happened was, a herd of bison escaped from a farm a few counties away.  Those bison made their way from the farm, through a couple of counties, across the Hudson river, into our county.  The local and state police tracked the herd for 8 hours, making sure the public was safe.  These were wild bison, charging anyone or anything that got close to them.  Once the afternoon had begun, and the school was beginning to dismiss students, it was ultimately decided that the bison were a threat to public safety.  They were shot and killed.  Well, OMG!  Those bastards!!  Why couldn’t they coax a herd of 15 wild bison onto a heavy duty trailer and haul them to safety?  I’m sure if they knew there were cookies involved, these wild, angry, 1,100lb beasts would’ve fully complied.  Anyway… as I was scrolling through my newsfeed on Facebook, I couldn’t believe the names our officers were being called.  Instead of a “Thanks for keeping us all safe” there were way too many UNEDUCATED people criticizing the same organization that keeps them safe, day after day.  Now, had the police not acted when they did, the wild bison would have eventually killed a citizen and then they’d be bashed for NOT killing the animals right from the start.  Police officers have an extremely difficult job to do.  Add to that, the fact that they have to please numerous different opinionated people. I don’t envy police officers today…  They definitely don’t have it easy.

While attending community college, I learned that despite my good intentions (and those of every other individual interested in law enforcement), our criminal justice system is far too corrupt.  It’s been said that one person can make all the difference.  I don’t believe that’s true in this case.  My opinion?   It has to be a collaborate, nationwide effort involving colleges, police departments, correctional facilities, counselors, court systems and congress to name just a few. BUT… this is where I come in.  Someone has to get the ball rolling, correct?  Even if I’m not a part of the reconstruction process, I can certainly get the right people involved who can get things off the ground. We have to start somewhere!!  Education has to be a priority.  If Obama can mandate health insurance (with good intentions of course) why not mandate education?  Perhaps if that were the case, we wouldn’t have a city like Baltimore burning itself to the ground.  What exactly are they going to gain by destroying their city and killing off their police department?  Well, they haven’t thought that far ahead because they aren’t educated to do so!!  They’re angry, and maybe rightly so, but what the hell is all of this violence going to get them?  And although I haven’t read or heard the quote directly (yet), it certainly doesn’t help to have a mayor encouraging such ignorant, barbaric behavior!

I don’t know all the details/facts pertaining to Baltimore, but… did the officer(s) know that there was a history of mental illness, or health conditions?  Probably not.  So, let’s start by educating officers AND the general public. Once that’s established, why not actually TRY to reform and rehabilitate prisoners?  Why in this day and age is it so difficult to weed out the good from the bad?  Well, because everyone has rights.  If someone feels their rights have been violated, they file a lawsuit, clogging up our judicial systems even further.

I think Obama was absolutely right about one thing… It’s time for some serious change in this great nation.  Now we just have to start making those changes. Who’s game?


Peace, love and happiness ALWAYS,



What’s REALLY important?

In a world where we have the potential to be at peace, love thy neighbor and do good, I woke up this morning hearing about this ISIS group.  Then I learned that Al Quida has distanced themselves because ISIS is far too violent for them?!  Who are these people?  Where did they come from?  Who’s funding their operation and allowing them to grow?  And how many of you will I lose when they decide it’s time to attack?  I don’t watch the news (because it’s too negative) so any info you can share with me would be greatly appreciated.

So, your rent is late, or you can’t pay a bill.  Your car’s acting up and you feel the need to curse out your mechanic because you were just there last week.  You don’t have enough money to pay for school supplies for your kids, or in my case, new clothes.  Does all of this REALLY matter when we’ve got psychopaths leaking into our country with the sole purpose of killing innocent people just to plant their flag at the White House?  I’d like to say I’m speechless, but I’m not.  It’s just that my thoughts are racing and I can’t slow them down long enough to grasp a thought that makes sense.  All I keep thinking about is getting a passport and getting the hell out of here!!

As always, I wish you all nothing but peace, love and happiness.  Life is too short, and at the end of the day, please make sure your loved ones know they are loved, as we don’t really know what tomorrow will bring.  A group of psychopaths, killing for the sake of …?  Killing. Senseless killing.  It HAS to stop!!!  Please…

~Kate…a truly grateful, praying for an end to this ISIS group and PEACE, Kate.

How old are we… AND…

At what age are we expected to take accountability for our actions?  I am 35 and I have owned all of my mistakes.  I’m not proud of them; some of them I’m still embarrassed about.  However, mistakes are a sign that we are alive and living, and at least trying.  But making a life altering mistake and blaming someone else says you’ve got such a long way to go.  I don’t care if you’re 6, 16, 26, 36, etc.  If you make a mistake, OWN it, and do something to either correct it or learn from it.  Stop walking around as if you are flawless and placing all of your misfortune on other people.  OWN IT!!!  LEARN FROM IT!!  And for crying out loud, when you have been warned REPEATEDLY to stop doing something or things are going to get ugly, don’t start the “on demand tears” crying poor me.  My God… people disgust me.  What a waste of space.

That is all…

Happy blogging everyone. Good night.

~Kate…a thoroughly disgusted, Kate.


I’m not even going to fancy this one up with blue writing and justification, etc.  Are you telling me that NO ONE has a good read to offer.  That’s just sad.  Are we a society who doesn’t read? Or do we not read books because we read blogs instead?  I thought for sure someone would have some suggestions for me.  Very disappointed…  I just counted.  I have 10 books sitting on my table, waiting to be read.  But, I’m going to have my current book finished by bedtime tonight, dropping the list down to 9.  I NEED SUGGESTIONS BLOGGERS!!!

Thanks in advance (I hope)

~Kate…a very eager for a new, good read, Kate.

And I did the fancy blue out of habit…. sorry.

Love Thy Neighbor

Over the past few weeks I’ve mentioned quite a few times, the phrase “Love Thy Neighbor.”  Well, we got some disturbing news yesterday.  Our neighbor was in a severe motorcycle accident.  All we know is that he’s in a medically induced coma and he lost one of his legs.

This young man MIGHT be 30 if that, and he’s a truck driver.  In a matter of moments, life as he knew it is over.  Our neighbor on the other side of us is keeping us informed (ironically, she’s his nurse) and has told us that there have been several “fights” in the emergency room; girls fighting over him.  Apparently he has quite the following in the female relationship department.  As this poor guy’s life hangs in the balance, these girls are creating a scene at the hospital.  Then they show up here, at his apartment at all hours of the day and night, slamming things around. 


I guess I’ve got a few questions here.  What HAS happened to the concept of loving our neighbors?  What has happened to us to make us believe that we can own another person?  What happened to looking out for those in need?  While he is completely out of it, these girls are coming here trashing his apartment because they’ve “been played.”  He’s a young man.  That’s what young men do.  I believe it’s called sewing your wild oats.  So, never mind the fact that this man may never climb the stairs that lead to his home, ever again.  Never mind that as his life hangs in the balance, some immature girls just HAVE to start a fight outside of his room claiming “He loves me more.”  Never mind the fact that IF he makes it through this horrible accident, he’s got a very long road to recovery ahead of him.


This whole situation has me completely disgusted.  People in general have me disgusted.  Yes, I admit I’m an introvert, but even if I weren’t, can you blame me for not wanting to leave my house?  THIS is what awaits outside.  Lovely.  I just can’t get over the sheer ignorance of some people.  His family is at his side, grieving.  Give them their privacy!  Go outside, introduce yourselves, find out how you can help.  Yes, the spotlight’s on you.  You all got your 15 minutes of fame at the expense of some young man who may or not make it.  What the hell is this world coming to.


Well, on a more positive note (as I try to find something positive in everyday) I got myself a wireless printer today, and I’m thanking God my hubby knows how to set this stuff up.  I was going to just go to the library and print out my submissions there, but they have to be postmarked by August 1st, and the hubby and I are going away to celebrate our anniversary.  So… cross your fingers and say a prayer that I get this right.  The writing I’m submitting brought tears to some readers eyes, so wish me luck as well!  Winning this contest would be HUGE for me.


Okay… off for an evening stroll with the love of my life.  Hope you all have a great night!!


Happy blogging, and until next time…

~Kate…a very sad and disappointed Kate