Who’da thought…?

I have a friend from when I was 9-10 years old.  Over the years we lost contact, and kind of went our separate ways, but we’ve managed to reconnect.  And the positives?  He’s intellectual.  He’s a philosopher, and a man of many words.  He’s taking an art class with me, (YAY!!!) and we’re rekindling an old friendship.  So, who would have thought something as “simple” as a rekindled friendship could be the reason behind me getting out of this funk?  I can finally say I’m happy again.  So, here’s to the newest chapter of my life.  Extremely grateful for friendships; old and new.  Appreciation and love, in the way I need it.  Feeling so very blessed right now.


~Kate…one extremely thankful, grateful, blessed, Kate.


Date Night… with the boy who makes my heartbeat <3

Today happens to be one (if not the one) of the most favorite times of the year.  I’m taking my son to the movies and having a mom and son date night.  It is on these nights that he opens up and talks and tells me what’s on his mind.  We laugh, we cry, we watch a good movie and basically have a really good night.  As he gets older, these days aren’t as important to him (or maybe they are equally as important to him; he just hides it).  But nights like tonight are ones that I truly treasure and anticipate.  I come home and write about them in his journal; a book I started once I found out I was pregnant for him.  I want him to be able to look back on his childhood and have a positive written memory he can think back and reflect on.  He doesn’t have nearly enough of those.  I’m so happy that I’m the one privileged to give them to him.

Today didn’t start off so good… I woke up and told him it was time to get ready for karate, and put up a fuss.  Friday and Saturday are the only days he’s allowed to play video games and I just paid his monthly karate fee.  He said he didn’t feel like going, (he’d rather stay home and play video games)and maybe I over reacted a bit, but, once he was dressed and ready to go, I remembered that there were 3 days written on the board at the do-jo that stated which days there would be no classes held.  Today was one of them.  Whoops.  So, I ended up feeling like an ass, and gave him one of his birthday presents (his birthday isn’t until the end of October) to make up for it.

He LOVED it, and has spent the entire day playing with it, instead of video games, knowing full well he can’t play the game tomorrow.  And he’s smiling, so I’m smiling.  He’s already asking if it’s time to go to the movies yet, so I KNOW our night is going to be the complete opposite of our morning, and this is one thing I will forever be grateful for.  Memories…  You can take every material object away from me, you can call me every name in the book, you can think whatever it is you think of me, but I’M the one making the memories.  You’ll never get those.

Peace, Love and happiness, Always,

~Kate…one extremely blessed and grateful, memory making, Kate!

Much Needed Mental Health Day!!!

First of all, there have been some issues between Bill and I that we were finally able to address today.  We are back on the same page, and life is back to being good.  We spent the day at his parents house, where there is NOTHING but, and I mean NOTHING, pure laughter.  I’ve never felt so much love and happiness than I do when I spend time with him and his family.  They are probably the best family out there.  There’s no back stabbing, no jealousy, no “he said, she said.”  They are a solid family unit and every time I leave there home, I have a stomach ache from all the laughter.  A special thanks to his brother for fixing my damn keyboard; his other brother and sister in law for the many laughs; but especially to his parents for providing such a good dinner.  So, to those of you trolls stalking my blog, SUCK IT!!  THIS is what life is all about.  I can’t wait for 10 years from now when someone else is getting the letter “Our marriage never should have been legal because I was too high and drunk to remember.”  It’ll happen.  It’s that little thing call… ahhhhh what is it?  Oh!  Karma!

Ryan had a great day, but I’m not going to elaborate because I’m not going to be the one spoon feeding his donor info he doesn’t deserve.

Life is good, and I LOVE it this way.  Look at that.  If it was meant to be (as we obviously are) nothing can stop us.  So now, I’m going to end the evening with a bang (no pun intended) and go make love to the love of my life.  I hope you all had as good a day as I had.  Oh, and a special to thanks to the few followers who snuck in while I wasn’t looking, bringing my total up to 222.  My “CDO” (That’s for you Joatmon) will now allow me to sleep. 🙂

Peace, love and happiness, ALWAYS,

~Kate, one extremely Kate.

Mom of the Year Award… FINALLY

And I can say that, because the child psychiatrist said I am doing EVERYTHING perfectly!  So, we woke up today, finished up the majority of Ryan’s clothes shopping, I got him a smart phone and can’t wait for Bill to come home and set it up.  I’m tired of him being in situations (like getting locked on a damn bus) and his crappy little track phone not working.  So, now he’s got the real deal.  No more “You have no service.”  He used his own gift cards to get a few items he’s been wanting for his Playstation, which it fine by me, because as of September 3rd, the game system is gone.  I’ve switched all of his classes so that he won’t be in any classes with the offspring his “father” chose over him, and I’ve already been in contact with all of his new teachers.  I have a feeling that this year is going to be so much better than last.  Mentally?  He is ready to go!  Me? Not so much.  We’ve spent every day strengthening our bond, I really don’t want to see him go.  However, he needs to be around other kids, and he was very excited to be dropping all of his things off and getting back into the school routine.  Looking forward to the open house, meeting his teachers and watching him bring home nothing but good grades this year.  He’s 11, (12 in October) and has decided to start saving all of his cash (not gift cards) for his first car.  I’d say we’ve made significant improvement over the summer and I am one proud mother.  So, this Mom of the Year Award was presented to me by Ryan, today, after all our running around was done.  It’s taken me 11 years, but I finally did it!!!  My son knows all about enlightenment, and how he should pray for those that bully him because for them to be so hurtful, they must be hurting inside themselves.  He’s not taking it so personally so much any more (AWESOME!!!) and he knows the power of positive thinking.  I’d say we’re off to a pretty good start…  He got 2 pairs of sneakers, as he’s growing an inch and 3/4 a month and will no doubt be in a size 9 before the school year ends.  He’s eye level with me, but still does Monkey Love (long story).  I love this kid.  He is definitely my heartbeat. 

Hope you all have one exceptional day!!

~Kate…Mom of the year, Kate!!

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better…

I’m sick.  I’ve got one hell of a stomach bug, and as soon as we got home from karate, I spent a good half hour in the bathroom.  Then Bill comes home from work, and this is in part, where the tears begin.  Ryan insists on having long hair.  I so badly want him to get it cut, because he looks so handsome when it’s short.  However, Bill said “If he wants long hair, let him have long hair.”  And then he called Ryan out of his bedroom.  Ryan turned off the game and got ready to go.  Bill made a plan with him last night to go get it trimmed, and I’m not allowed to go, because if I go, Ryan will end up getting it cut.  I’m on the phone with my mom telling her how stupidly happy I am when Bill sends me a text.  It’s a picture.  He took Ryan out to lunch to eat at Moe’s; Ryan’s favorite restaurant.  So my boys are bonding today, and I’m sitting on the couch, sick and crying because I’ve never felt so good.  THIS is what Ryan needs, and to see Bill step up makes my heart swell.  Have I mentioned how much I love this man?  How he’s capable of making me feel like no one ever has?  How I want to spend everyday with him for the rest of my days, and every night wrapped in his arms?  Out of all the “things” I have to be grateful for, I cannot thank who ever crossed our paths enough.  I’d like to write more, but I just want to go lay on the couch and rest, knowing that both of my boys are happy and having fun.  One on one time that Ryan has been denied for so long.  I wish you all knew Bill.  He doesn’t get enough recognition; he really doesn’t.


Here’s to hoping you can all find something to be grateful for today and every day.


Just an update…  Ryan came home with his hair trimmed and even, with an extra taco that he couldn’t eat, and raced right into a hug with me.  Holding back tears, he said as quietly as he could, “Mom, this was the best day ever!” and ran into his room so Bill wouldn’t see him cry.  I cannot even begin to tell you how many tears were shed in this house today, between me and my son, but every single one of them were pure tears of joy.  Something we haven’t had in quite a long time.  Bill is STILL making fun of me for being so sappy about it all, but he has NO IDEA what he did for this young man today, nor how deeply he touched my heart.  I am forever grateful for this man.  This man who, just over a year ago was a complete stranger.  Little did we know he was the missing piece; the glue holding us all together; the one who inspires us to be better people than we were yesterday.  We love you Bill.  So much more than you’ll ever know.

I can only imagine…

…what every one has written today, BUT, that’s as far as I can go. I’d love to read all of your posts, but  I am SPENT.  Today was my son’s karate BBQ.  I haven’t had that much fun, nor have I witnessed my son having so much fun in such a  long time.  Sensei knows how to throw a party!!  We came home, and CRASHED.  I just woke up from a 3 hour nap, and I have all I can do to write this.  Each day I wonder if things could actually get any better, and each day the universe never lets me down.  So, I apologize that this is so short in length, but I’m going back to bed.  I have many blessings to count and be thankful for before I close my eyes for good.  Hope you all had a great day!!


~Kate…an exhausted, but euphorically happy, Kate.