Pursuit of happiness? Check.

Went to court today, and watched my ex husband, (the sperm donor who gave me my child) try to squirm his way out of paying the child support due to my son.  What part of “If you make them, you have to take care of them.” is so hard to understand?  I’m sure his grand parents and parents would be really proud of him.  Well, either way, we (my son and I won).  The child support was raised by $30 a week, and the private investigator has been hired to prove that when he’s “laid off” he’s actually working under the table.  And…since the private investigator is a close friend, it’s absolutely free of charge!  Here’s your shovel.  You just keep on digging.

All is well in our world, and I like it this way.

Peace, Love and Happiness, Always,

~Kate… one, just got a nice healthy raise, Kate.