Where the heck is Easy Street?!

I had to go get my car inspected this morning, and the mechanic had a sticker on his door asking “Where the heck is Easy Street?”  So, thank you Dave, for prompting this blog.  Easy Street, believe it or not, is right outside your door.  It’s all just a matter of perception.  If you’re constantly looking or waiting for the other shoe to drop, you’re never going to find Easy Street.  However, if you stop looking for that shoe, and live your life now, in the moment, you have reached Easy Street.   Life was not meant to be easy, no matter your religious denomination.  Life is nothing more than a series of tests.  You pass the test, you move on to the next.  You fail, and you’re tested again, repeatedly, until you do finally pass.  But at no point in time was anything ever made to be easy.  What do we learn from easy?  What do we gain?  Absolutely nothing.  Well, we might learn how to be lazy, which then leads to sense of entitlement, but that’s hardly learning at all.  Life is about learning, making mistakes, more learning so as not to repeat those mistakes, and so on.  It’s also about kindness.  Why is this world so full of hate, anger, hostility, violence, secrets, lies and negativity?  I want to live in a world, again, where my grandchildren have to ask me what war was.  And what do I say?  It was a power trip?  One country felt threatened so they had to go kill innocent people to prove they were superior.  I want to be a part of this wave blanketing the earth.  The blanket is made of peace, love, respect, positivity, encouragement, kindness and happiness.  I’ve created the home with those specific ingredients.  I just wish I possessed the power to share my blanket.  I don’t like to see anger or frustration in any form.  Its totally unnecessary and solves nothing.  Love on the other hand, has the potential to make a total stranger feel better.  I’m ALL FOR helping anyone in need.  If more people would change their perception, we might just have a chance at turning this world around.  What happened to love thy neighbor?  Well maybe they’re loud late at night, and instead of walking over and asking them to keep it down, you let the anger fester and the poison run through your veins until you reach a point where there’s an all out brawl between the two of you.  I’m happy to say we are surrounded by awesome neighbors on all sides.  If we renew our lease it will be partly because of them.  They go out of their way to be kind and considerate.  Knowing I have Ryan, the volume goes down at a reasonable hour, we are always met with a friendly hello and we ALL look out for each other.  I like it this way.  This is how the whole world should be!!

My day is done, as far as my “To Do” list, and I still managed to make someone else’s day.  Do you know what it feels like to make a stranger genuinely smile?  If not, you should try it.  And not for recognition!!  For the simple fact that you have the capability of doing so.  I hope someone made you smile today, and I also hope you chose to pay it forward.  The world needs more of this!!  So join in already!  Know that nothing will ever come easy, but I’m more than willing to share my blanket with all of you.  Have a good day fellow bloggers!!

~Kate…an exhausted, fulfilled, grateful, blanket sharing, Kate.


It’s early, but my day is done, and so am I.

I had nothing on the calendar for today. It was a Freebie Friday!!  Then I remembered all that I had to actually do.  Just because it wasn’t on the calendar didn’t mean it didn’t have to get done…  So, what started out as a calm, peaceful morning turned into utter chaos in just moments. Continue reading

An eventful day…

So, what started out as a day devoted to writing turned into anything BUT.  I had an early morning visitor who needed to vent, and an afternoon visitor also needing to vent, and now Bill’s home from work, so my time to write is over.  I was able to squeeze in some time to write between visitors, but it feels good to know that friends come to me for advice, and that I can help in a dilemma. I think I’m going to have to start charging though…  Then I hear that an old friend is having a tough time, so I shot her a text and hopefully have a lunch date in my near future, so we can catch up.  Maybe all she needs is someone to talk to.  Let’s hope…  I love helping others, strangers and friends alike.  Plus, it’s a legitimate excuse as to why I got no writing done.  🙂  Writer’s block?  Nahhhhh.  I just spent the day helping  some loved ones.  I can go to bed, once again, with a light heart, a clear conscience, and a smile on my face.  Life is good…  And smiles are free.  I will gladly give them away!  And knowing I am capable of making someone who’s feeling blue to feel happy again makes me feel even better.  Happiness is a choice, AND it’s contagious!! 

Hope you all have a wonderful evening!!


~Kate…and extremely happy Kate.

I need some inspiration people!!!

As motivated and inspiring as I often appear to be, even I have bad days.  I wouldn’t call today a “bad” day.  Just a lot of wasted time, no answers, a new round of doctors and little to write about, as my mind is filled with “life” outside of my computer and writing.  I wouldn’t go as far as to say I’m in a bad mood… Blah mood is more like it.  We just got a massive downpour.  Normally I’d be in some sort of euphoric state, writing until my fingers bled, as I love the rain.  However, whatever this “mood” is, it’s interfering with my writing.  I need someone to give me a writing prompt.  I need an idea.  I need several ideas.  I feel the best when I’m writing, and after todays wasted time, money and test results I wasn’t even seeking, I need a little “pick me up.”  So, if you understand what I’m saying, and you’ve been in this very same spot, please tell me what you did to overcome it.  If your writing’s on fire and you can’t seem to stop posting, please throw a few ideas at me.  I need something to lift my spirits I guess.  Now, I’m posting this at 8:20pm EST.  I probably won’t check it again until after 10:00pm EST, as that’s when my mind seems to come to life.  So, for now, I’m going to go read a book I just started and can’t seem to put down.  To anyone who decides to help me out, a huge thanks in advance.  It feels as though I’m a walking sparkler on the 4th of July, and someone stomped out my flame.  I just need a lighter to reignite the endless thoughts I display on here and in my notebooks.


Happy blogging everyone!  Hope you all have a great night!!


~Kate…a fizzled out, but determined to get back on the optimistic track, Kate.

I suck…

There are SO MANY things I love to do, but I suck at.  Take photography for example.  I love a good picture.  You won’t find one on my camera.  I’m sure with a few classes, and some education, I could get a bit better, but I like it this way.  It’s part of what makes me (and the rest of us, unique).  So, yes fellow bloggers, I suck.  I suck at photography, I suck at writing, I suck at life (according to few haters), I suck at SO MANY things.  But ya know what?  It’s totally okay with me.  I don’t take pictures for anyone BUT me.  I don’t write for anyone BUT me, and I don’t live my life for anyone BUT me (and my son).  If I suck, I suck.  Taking crappy pictures and writing horribly?  That’s what feels good to me.  So, I’m going to continue to suck at everything I do, but I’m happy.  I’ll continue to suck at everything, happily!  So, if you’ve stumbled across this blog, I apologize, as it probably sucks.  I’m sorry to have wasted the 30 seconds it took you to read it.  But there’s a lesson in this.  None of us are perfect.  None of us are perfect at ANYTHING.  So, if there’s something you love to do, and it makes you happy, but you feel you might suck at it, who cares?!  Keep doing it if it brings you happiness.  Isn’t that the purpose of life?  To achieve happiness and grab onto it with both hands?  Well, that’s my belief.  So, as I said, I’ll continue writing crappy blogs, and taking horrible pictures, but more importantly, I’ll be smiling, inside and out.  Here’s to sucking, but being happy!!


~Kate…a crappy writer, photographer and human being, but extremely happy, Kate

(Updated) I FREAKING DID IT!!!

(Update) Piece of cake!  The worst part was removing the bandage.  I washed it, I dried it, and Bill bandaged me back up.  I’m good to go!!  Now, on to hematology…  Ugh… Tuesday’s going to take FOR-E.V.E.R.

I took the bandage off!  I’m all bruised.  It looks like I got kicked by a horse!  The stitches were done very neatly, and look quite nice.  No blood (other than the bandage I quickly disposed of), no signs of infection, AND I didn’t pass out!!  Psshhh  fear.  What EVER!  I’d post a pic, but it does look a bit too gross, and the last thing I want to do is gross out my followers.  I was just afraid to see it.  But now I actually have to touch it to wash it.  That’s a different story.  So, if there are no further posts from me this evening, just know that I’m passed out cold, but I’ll be back tomorrow.

Here goes nothin’…

~Kate…a very unsure of her stomach, Kate.

Last one for the night… I promise.

So, I get this weird message in my comments section. (See below)  I’ve only seen something similar to this once, and that was my creepy computer hacking ex.  So, all I have left to say is…


Your blog, FlippyZipFlop, appears to be getting more traffic than usual!

77 hourly views

2 hourly views on average


Hater’s are my Motivators!!  The more you hate, the higher I rate!  The more venom you spew, the more peace and happiness I brew.  Keep it coming!!

Have a good night fellow bloggers and stalkers alike!

Peace, Love and Happiness Always,