Mental Illness Awareness Week #MIAW #B4Stage4

I have been diagnosed with several diagnoses, and can’t stress how important this truly is. Thank you for sharing this info Kitt!! It is much appreciated. I already all of my diagnoses, but maybe it can help someone else who might not know they are positive for something. You are awesome for providing this!!

Kitt O'Malley

MHA Infographic

Facts listed on this infographic from

Get Screened, America!

  • 125,000 screenings since the launch of in May 2014
  • 66% screened positive for moderate to severe anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, or PTSD…
  • and 64% of them had never been diagnosed.
  • 44% said they would discuss results with someone.
  • Stay healthy. Take a screen, and talk to a doctor, family member, or friend about your results.
  • After taking a screen, this is what people want most. HELP (most heavily weighted word in word cluster)
  • Take a screen
  • MHA Mental Health America#B4Stage4

Why B4Stage4?

When we think about cancer, heart disease, or diabetes, we don’t wait years to treat them.  We start way before Stage 4.  We begin with prevention…

This is what we should be doing when people have serious mental illnesses, too.  When they first begin to experience symptoms such as loss of sleep, feeling tired…

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BCA month

It was this time last year that my then 10 year old wore pink nail polish to school, in support of my cousin who was recovering from breast cancer.  He got beat up and bullied, and then, to make matters worse, on his birthday, his father called him and yelled at him for being a “pussy”.  He said that he painted a target on his back and would be picked on and bullied for the rest of his school years.  This was the call where my son was told his mother’s nothing but a c**t.  No Happy Birthday… just you look like a pussy and your mother’s a c**t.  Well, my son’s story made the local news, and his message was heard by thousands more people.  He was a leader!  I have never been more proud of my son.  When he returned from school after that first day, sure he was in tears, so I took out the nail polish remover.  He said “I’m not taking it off.  If I do, that means they win.”  Do I have one evolved kid or what?  So very proud of him and all of his accomplishments.  He is so much smarter than any other kid his age.  And he’s learning things now that he won’t be struggling to figure out when he reaches his 30’s.  I am extremely blessed.


Take care of yourself and do self exams.  Early detection is best!!

~Kate…one extremely blessed mother, gracious girlfriend, and almost a non-smoker, Kate.

Can someone please invent a Troll Blocker???

I don’t think I need to say any more.  But it’s pretty sad that my ex’s (or their psycho significant others)are still stalking me and reading my blog.  Um…feel free to move along, any time now.  Really.  Honest.  My feelings won’t be hurt at all.  Buh Bye.  In the meantime, I seriously hope there is SOMEONE working on a way to block these trolls.

And for those of you trolls that insist on telling my son I’m a pill popping drug addict?  I went to the doctor Friday and was put on Advair and Proair HFA for severe asthma.  I know you want to be updated on all my meds so you can secretly private message him on his Playstation.  So, there you have it.  Two more meds you can accuse me of abusing.  Oh!  I was also put on 10mg. of Prednisone, but my system is way too sensitive, and it makes me too jittery, so I cannot take it.  NOW you have all my up to date med info. Assholes.

Sorry for the absence…

When I first started blogging, I thought it was awesome!  I was on here all day, everyday.  Then life just kind of took over.  I haven’t got a free day this week.  I have something to do each and every stinking day.  UGHHHHHH!!!!  It’s okay though.  Exposure therapy, right?  Blogging is still awesome, it’s just that I haven’t had time to actually sit down and type.  Or maybe I have had the time, I just don’t know what to write about.  Or maybe I’m just not in a good mood and don’t feel like writing.  Any which way you look at it, I don’t want you all to forget I exist, too.  So, I’m just taking a break I suppose.  I just found out that a good friend had a heart attack and is in the hospital.  That is where I’ll be tonight.  Tomorrow?  Court, first thing in the morning then group therapy for my son in the evening.  Wednesday  Pain management in the morning then a 1:00pm meeting with my son;s guidance counselor. Thursday?  Taking one of my girlfriends for her first ultrasound.  Friday?  A birthday party that my son was invited to.  And Saturday?  It’s my love’s birthday.  So I’m going to devote the day to making him happy.  If he chooses to spend it hunting, so be it.  There will be a hot meal on the table and presents to open when he gets home.  So… that’s my week in a nut shell.  When will it end???  Hope you all have a great week!!

Peace, Love and Happiness, Always,

~Kate…one non-stop running, Kate.

Who’da thought…?

I have a friend from when I was 9-10 years old.  Over the years we lost contact, and kind of went our separate ways, but we’ve managed to reconnect.  And the positives?  He’s intellectual.  He’s a philosopher, and a man of many words.  He’s taking an art class with me, (YAY!!!) and we’re rekindling an old friendship.  So, who would have thought something as “simple” as a rekindled friendship could be the reason behind me getting out of this funk?  I can finally say I’m happy again.  So, here’s to the newest chapter of my life.  Extremely grateful for friendships; old and new.  Appreciation and love, in the way I need it.  Feeling so very blessed right now.


~Kate…one extremely thankful, grateful, blessed, Kate.

What is this world coming to…?

Earlier in the week, my Dad caught this story on the news.  At the end of the school year last year, my son was violently vomiting without any other symptoms for a couple weeks.  He NEVER vomits.  I was convinced that someone had slipped him something, but the doctor said anything that he may have ingested probably wouldn’t show up on a drug test.  Now I see this, and it only further convinces me…  This is such a sad, sad world.

Peace, Love and Happiness, Always,