Poetry and “other” play

It starts with a look, a casual glance
A prelude of what’s to come
A smile, a sparkle, a gleam in his eye
Let’s me know of the upcoming fun


A dance in the kitchen
Then all through the place
We do our “To-do” list
And after that, begins chase

With laughter and elation
Our dance does commence
We abandon the clocks
Time is suppressed

love in flight

To the bedroom we go
Like young teenagers sneaking
Making love to the sounds
Of our own heavy breathing

“I love you” he says
Halfway through this dance
“I love you too” I respond
Although deep in a trance

Love at the core
The music we hear
The channel is tuned
Coming in quite clear

moon and back

My Sunday morning
Although sick today
Is one Sunday morning
I hope to replay

Over and over
Until our time ends
His time or mine
This dance transcends

All other dances
I’ve ever danced
This is my favorite dance
Filled with love and romance.


Until our next dance…


© Kathleen McKie


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