The One Love

There are so many different variations

From puppy and kittens

To God’s newest creations

The love between two in a relationship

Whether brand new or old

Is one that won’t quit

Try as you may, but your heart just knows

That the one you are with

Is the one that’s supposed

To be spending your nights out looking at stars

or taking day trips

By bus, train or car

You lie down at night and give them a kiss

You know in the morning

It’s their presence you’ll miss

While you spend your days working, from each other apart

The longing you feel

Grows deeper in your heart

You miss him, and he misses you

You text and you email

But none of it’s true

It’s not until the day is done and you’re once again together

Your heart settles down

It’s now as light as a feather

You’ve all made it home safely at the end of the day

To spend time together

To eat, play, and pray

Pray that tomorrow is easier yet

To spend more time apart

From the one you cannot forget

The one who is constantly consuming your mind

The one who has captured

Your soul, so divine

The one that you crave with every change in your mood

The one who you love

From here to the moon

The one who completes you and makes you your best

The one who comes home

Fulfilling your nest

Maybe tomorrow will be easier yet

Because I know in my heart

Where my head will rest

As we close our eyes and drift off to sleep

It’s the one I love most

Sleeping under my sheets

With me in his arm wrapped tightly against

His warm muscular body

And his muscular chest

His scent drives me wild, this I admit

But I can’t stay away

He’s my drug of choice, I am an addict

Addicted to love, so pure and so true

One that never existed

Until I met you


If you can't be kind, be quiet. : ) Have a good day!!

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