No Rhyme or Reason

Everyone has demons,

Clawing through their brains.

Ripping at our sanity

Causing us to feel insane.


Ignore the greedy bastards

The attention they seek will kill

The mood you’re in or the joy you feel

Just to get a thrill.


Ignoring them is easy

But they never go away

Time heals all wounds? Ha!

That phrase is child’s play.


Time is what they’re after

Robbing you of life

Taking away happiness

And leaving you with strife.


So when these demons surface

And they tend to linger,

Sit back and think of all the good

And give them your middle finger.


Don’t let them win!

This is your time to live

They have no place to go

So a place to stay, don’t give.


Kick them out I say

No matter what it may take

If you let them in deep enough

It’s your soul that’s at stake.


Be gone with the demons

Set happiness free

To roam through the spaces

Those demons might be.


Don’t give up the fight

No matter how hard

It is your mind and soul

And YOU are in charge.


Good night fellow bloggers… from one who knows best.

Put your worries away and your head down to rest.


Until next time…



If you can't be kind, be quiet. : ) Have a good day!!

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