Another day of doctor’s appointments.  Awesome. BUT… I get to see my dad.  That’s always a plus.  🙂


B.A.D. story for Wacky Wednesday

Okay, so I wanted to keep today lighthearted and funny.  I tried, with the whole yawing thing, but that was an epic failure, but that’s okay.  I’ve got an even better story for you now.

My son had a dentist appointment this afternoon.  I’m TERRIFIED of thunderstorms.  On our way to the dentist, I see the clouds growing darker and think “Shit!  I’ve left ALL of the windows open in the apartment!  My place is going to be soaked when we get home.”

After the appointment, we drive through the small town of Ravena, NY to see flashing lights everywhere.  Power lines and trees down everywhere.  Did I mention that I really don’t like thunderstorms?  Now I’m driving right into one.  Awesome.

I decide to go into the local coffee shop to pick up a coffee and something for my son to snack on.  Lightning all around us.  I’m 35 years old.  I had a C-section (That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.)  Well, my son, who is well aware of my anxiety level runs over to my side and says “It’s okay mom. I got you.”  We both see the flash, I close my eyes and just wait for the thunder.  Well this was thunder on steroids!!  My son’s eyes went directly to my crotch.  “You peed a little didn’t you?”  I just nodded my head to confirm, and got us out of there as quickly as possible.  *The startled jump caused a tiny bit of urine to escape the safety of my bladder.* (I used to work there, so all the employees always want me to sit down and catch up).  Nope.  Not today.  Gotta go!  And I mean, I REALLY have to go.  I’d be mortified if any of them knew what had just happened.

We run through the downpour, get home, close all the windows and as I’m cleaning myself up, my son cleans all the windowsills.  God I love this kid.  Now he’s playing his playstation and I’m typing this for all of you fine people to read, just waiting for the next round of storms that should be arriving within the next 45 minutes.  Clean underwear already out and ready…

And for the record, I got through ALL of this without a single Xanax!  I AM AWESOME!!  I got this! (With the help of my son of course…)

Until next time…

~Kate… the only 35 year old who still pees her pants when she’s startled.

I’m perplexed… What’s a selfie?

According to a simple Google search, this is the definition of a selfie.  Pretty basic and understandable, right? A photograph taken of oneself for purposes of sharing who you are with social media outlets.


noun: selfie; plural noun: selfies; noun: selfy
a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website.

Now, if you want my opinion, as simple as a selfie should be, it’s quite complex.  I grasp the complex, and understand an occasional, updated picture of yourself is acceptable.  But what’s with all these selfies, every half hour everyday?  I can’t make any sense of it, but I’m going to try…

1.  You’ve got the basic selfie.  A picture of yourself to post on social media sites to give your readers an idea of what you look like.  Totally acceptable.

2.  Then you’ve got the selfie that changes every few days.  Okay, I get your point.  You may not be happy with the original, and you continue snapping away until you find one that makes you happy.

3.  Then there’s the selfie that changes everyday.  Are you trying to capture yourself aging?

4.  Now we’ve got the overused selfie, but it’s purpose is for comical reasons.  Annoying at times, but acceptable I suppose.  Everyone could use a good laugh one in a while.

5. Now we’ve go the selfie that changes every freaking hour!!  What the hell is up with all these selfies?!    I have to admit, I strongly believe that those people changing their profile pics of all the different selfies have “issues.” Whether it’s self esteem, and you have none, and you feel you’ve got something to prove to the world (I’m living the high life, having a blast while you aren’t) or… you’re a bit of a narcissist and need to get over yourself, these out of control selfies HAVE to stop.  They are driving me insane!!

Things to consider if you happen to be an abuser of the selfie:

1.  If you’re in the bathroom in front of a mirror, please keep in mind that odds are there’s going to be a reflection of a freaking toilet bowl in your selfie.  That’s okay with you?  That’s the image you want people to see when they come across your page?  Not cool.

2.  Duck face?  Okay… this is another blog entirely, but again… abused.  There is absolutely NOTHING attractive about this face.  In fact, it almost looks painful, and most people make fun of these pictures.  So, you keep blowing kisses to yourself in your bathroom mirror, and I’ll keep laughing at how ridiculous you truly look.

3.  Everyone is talking about how over used the selfie has become. Which side of the fence would you like to end up on?  The selfie haters or the selfie makers?  Because I can see this whole discussion growing to a much bigger proportion.  I’m just looking out, that’s out.

4.The overused selfie is sending out an entirely different message than you might be thinking.  You see, YOU think you’re sending this message “Look at me!  Look how pretty and popular I am!”  The message you’re actually sending is “Look at me!  Please look at me?  I’m dying for the attention!!  Please, someone, anyone, EVERYONE, LOOK AT ME!!!”  You know what I’m going to do?  I’m not only going to look away, but I’m going to delete you from any social media that might link us, and pretend I don’t know you.  I’m comfortable with myself.  I’m comfortable with the way I look and I’ve got nothing to prove to anyone.  I don’t want or need any unnecessary attention, and I can bet my life that you’ll never catch me making some ridiculous duck face.

For the love of God, can we please settle down with the selfies?  And by all means, if I’ve forgotten one, please free to chime in.  And if you’re a selfie abuser and I’ve offended you, I apologize.  That wasn’t my intention.  You see, the intention behind this blog is to simply raise awareness as to how annoying the selfie has become.  I’m SO glad to see that every time I type the word selfie on my computer, it’s underlined in red, which means my computer doesn’t recognize it as word, (yet) thank God.  But trust me, it won’t be long before the word selfie is added to the latest edition of Merriam Webster’s dictionary.  Uggghhhhh  Shoot me.

That is all.  Have a good night fellow bloggers!

Until next time…

~Kate… the selfie hater.