B.A.D. Motivational Monday


I think this is pretty motivational.  It’s so easy to fall down.  Getting back up is the hard part.  However, once you DO get back up, you have a new found strength you didn’t know you possessed.  Your confidence increases, your motivation is kicked into high gear, and more often than not, you find yourself on a much better path.  I have fallen down plenty of times; I have made mistakes, I have regrets, but every one of them was an opportunity for me to learn and grow.  The same holds true for all of you.  We have to fall down so that we can learn to get back up.  It’s through getting back up that we grow.  If we aren’t making mistakes, we aren’t living.  If we aren’t falling, we aren’t growing.  So, be proud of your stumbles and the fact that you lose your footing once in a while.  It means that you’re learning and growing!!

Have a Fantastic Monday fellow bloggers!!


~Kate…with forever bruised knees and scraped up elbows, Kate.



Over the last 24 hours, my followers jumped from 21 to 36. No one wants to participate in my Blog A Day (B.A.D.)?? That makes me sad. We could have SO much fun with this, sharing stories, offering ideas, establishing friendships, improving our craft… the possibilities are endless!! Come on… SOMEONE participate. I was looking forward to a day of responses and funny/light hearted stories to read. Anybody? Somebody? I can’t get this started on my own. I need people to participate, otherwise it’s just me, and its not fun…

So, click on the Please Participate Link, read what it’s all about, and then add YOUR story to Wacky Wednesday!!

Come on… this doesn’t sound fun?  Think of the variety of responses we could get, the humor, the lessons we can learn through other’s experiences…  And again, if you have a better idea for a particular day, please don’t hesitate to offer your suggestions.

Until next time…