Love Thy Neighbor

Over the past few weeks I’ve mentioned quite a few times, the phrase “Love Thy Neighbor.”  Well, we got some disturbing news yesterday.  Our neighbor was in a severe motorcycle accident.  All we know is that he’s in a medically induced coma and he lost one of his legs.

This young man MIGHT be 30 if that, and he’s a truck driver.  In a matter of moments, life as he knew it is over.  Our neighbor on the other side of us is keeping us informed (ironically, she’s his nurse) and has told us that there have been several “fights” in the emergency room; girls fighting over him.  Apparently he has quite the following in the female relationship department.  As this poor guy’s life hangs in the balance, these girls are creating a scene at the hospital.  Then they show up here, at his apartment at all hours of the day and night, slamming things around. 


I guess I’ve got a few questions here.  What HAS happened to the concept of loving our neighbors?  What has happened to us to make us believe that we can own another person?  What happened to looking out for those in need?  While he is completely out of it, these girls are coming here trashing his apartment because they’ve “been played.”  He’s a young man.  That’s what young men do.  I believe it’s called sewing your wild oats.  So, never mind the fact that this man may never climb the stairs that lead to his home, ever again.  Never mind that as his life hangs in the balance, some immature girls just HAVE to start a fight outside of his room claiming “He loves me more.”  Never mind the fact that IF he makes it through this horrible accident, he’s got a very long road to recovery ahead of him.


This whole situation has me completely disgusted.  People in general have me disgusted.  Yes, I admit I’m an introvert, but even if I weren’t, can you blame me for not wanting to leave my house?  THIS is what awaits outside.  Lovely.  I just can’t get over the sheer ignorance of some people.  His family is at his side, grieving.  Give them their privacy!  Go outside, introduce yourselves, find out how you can help.  Yes, the spotlight’s on you.  You all got your 15 minutes of fame at the expense of some young man who may or not make it.  What the hell is this world coming to.


Well, on a more positive note (as I try to find something positive in everyday) I got myself a wireless printer today, and I’m thanking God my hubby knows how to set this stuff up.  I was going to just go to the library and print out my submissions there, but they have to be postmarked by August 1st, and the hubby and I are going away to celebrate our anniversary.  So… cross your fingers and say a prayer that I get this right.  The writing I’m submitting brought tears to some readers eyes, so wish me luck as well!  Winning this contest would be HUGE for me.


Okay… off for an evening stroll with the love of my life.  Hope you all have a great night!!


Happy blogging, and until next time…

~Kate…a very sad and disappointed Kate


A MUST Follow

It’s difficult, because similarly I’m new to wordpress and have a small following (which I’m extremely grateful for) but I have to admit… when I stumble across a blog that I find interesting, I HAVE to share.  I stumbled across this blog in the commons from writing 101 and I have to encourage all of you to give it a look.  I had a page similar to this when I was on Fake-book, but couldn’t provide advice like this.  So please, if you do nothing else on wordpress today, PLEASE check this blog out.  Follow this blog, and help spread the word!!!  Let’s get every wordpress member to check out this blog!!


If the pingback/link doesn’t work, the address is:

Happy blogging and good night everyone!!

B.A.D. story for Wacky Wednesday

Okay, so I wanted to keep today lighthearted and funny.  I tried, with the whole yawing thing, but that was an epic failure, but that’s okay.  I’ve got an even better story for you now.

My son had a dentist appointment this afternoon.  I’m TERRIFIED of thunderstorms.  On our way to the dentist, I see the clouds growing darker and think “Shit!  I’ve left ALL of the windows open in the apartment!  My place is going to be soaked when we get home.”

After the appointment, we drive through the small town of Ravena, NY to see flashing lights everywhere.  Power lines and trees down everywhere.  Did I mention that I really don’t like thunderstorms?  Now I’m driving right into one.  Awesome.

I decide to go into the local coffee shop to pick up a coffee and something for my son to snack on.  Lightning all around us.  I’m 35 years old.  I had a C-section (That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.)  Well, my son, who is well aware of my anxiety level runs over to my side and says “It’s okay mom. I got you.”  We both see the flash, I close my eyes and just wait for the thunder.  Well this was thunder on steroids!!  My son’s eyes went directly to my crotch.  “You peed a little didn’t you?”  I just nodded my head to confirm, and got us out of there as quickly as possible.  *The startled jump caused a tiny bit of urine to escape the safety of my bladder.* (I used to work there, so all the employees always want me to sit down and catch up).  Nope.  Not today.  Gotta go!  And I mean, I REALLY have to go.  I’d be mortified if any of them knew what had just happened.

We run through the downpour, get home, close all the windows and as I’m cleaning myself up, my son cleans all the windowsills.  God I love this kid.  Now he’s playing his playstation and I’m typing this for all of you fine people to read, just waiting for the next round of storms that should be arriving within the next 45 minutes.  Clean underwear already out and ready…

And for the record, I got through ALL of this without a single Xanax!  I AM AWESOME!!  I got this! (With the help of my son of course…)

Until next time…

~Kate… the only 35 year old who still pees her pants when she’s startled.


Over the last 24 hours, my followers jumped from 21 to 36. No one wants to participate in my Blog A Day (B.A.D.)?? That makes me sad. We could have SO much fun with this, sharing stories, offering ideas, establishing friendships, improving our craft… the possibilities are endless!! Come on… SOMEONE participate. I was looking forward to a day of responses and funny/light hearted stories to read. Anybody? Somebody? I can’t get this started on my own. I need people to participate, otherwise it’s just me, and its not fun…

So, click on the Please Participate Link, read what it’s all about, and then add YOUR story to Wacky Wednesday!!

Come on… this doesn’t sound fun?  Think of the variety of responses we could get, the humor, the lessons we can learn through other’s experiences…  And again, if you have a better idea for a particular day, please don’t hesitate to offer your suggestions.

Until next time…




B.A.D. A Thought for Tuesday

Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value. –Albert Einstein

Often times we get so wrapped up in success, making more money so that we can buy nicer things, and let the world know WE are on top.  We lose sight of what’s truly important.  Let’s say you have all the money there I to possibly have.  This means you have all the material things you could possibly want.  Well, at least you have back up nest egg, just in case your taste changes and you want a new car every year, or you want a few vacation homes to choose from, depending on the time of year.  Now what?  Do you think THIS is success?  No…  You become successful when you have a goal and you reach it.  Is your goal being the richest person alive?  Sure it’d be nice, but not very realistic, yet we strive for this every month by saving, saving, saving.  What kind of life is that?  Obviously a reasonable nest egg is realistic, especially in today’s economy.  However, what ever happened to “Help thy neighbor?”

I’ll tell you what happened in my case.  I came into some money, and saw a couple of friends hurting.  One friend was without a vehicle.  I was in the process of trading mine in to get a more gas efficient car.  Instead of trading it in, I simply gave her my SUV.  I then paid the unexpected fees for her at motor vehicle because she didn’t have a means to pay them.  I got word that her and her husband were struggling to buy food, so I left some money in their camper early one morning and sent her text later on to let her know where she could find it.  A few months later they were trying to buy the house they lived in, and she came right out and asked me to borrow $300.  She said she’d put it in writing that she’d pay me back.  After this, we went months without talking.

While sitting in my nice new car, waiting for my boyfriend to come out for his lunch break I sent her a text.  I asked her if she would do me a favor.  She wrote back… Depends.  I wrote: Can we forget about the money you owe me?  I feel like you’re avoiding me because you can’t afford to pay me back, and I value our friendship much more than the money.  Of course she agreed, and was extremely grateful.  I’ve still yet to see her.  It’s been months.

It was during this same time that another good friend of mine got her Green Card.  She is from Peru, and moved tot he states about 5 years ago.  She met a man, fell in love got married and they had a baby.  The marriage turned very ugly, and she divorced him, but by not being married any more, there was no guarantee she’d be allowed to stay here.  Well, she got her Green Card, so she’s good for 10 years! (YAY) however, her family in Peru had never gotten a chance to meet her son who now almost 3.  One of my first purchases was a brand new laptop computer so she could Skype with her family and they could actually see and talk to their first grandson.

In my heart I knew I was doing the right thing.  This money was just going to sit in my account, and when I saw a friend in need, I was right there.  I’ve helped a few others along the way, but I’m noticing a pattern… everyone all of a sudden knows that I have money, so my “friends” are coming out of the woodwork.  It sickens me.  I only have a handful of friends. I wish I could help them all, but at the end of the day, I’ve got an 11-year-old that I have to take care of, and I’d like to be able to have him inherit a chunk of money once my number’s called.  So, I helped a few people and I got burned.  Big deal.  I know I did the right thing.  I can sleep with myself at night.  Those taking advantage are the ones who are going to have to face their own karma.  My Peruvian friend didn’t take advantage.  She never asked for a dime.  I did that all on my own.  If I knew she could bring her son out of the country, I would have bought her 2 plane tickets to Peru, but at the time, she was in the midst of a huge custody battle and there was no way I was going to pay that much for tickets on the off-chance she might be able to go.

My point?  Stop seeing dollar signs and wake up!!  There are people living in your neighborhood who are suffering.  Is a gift card tot he grocery store going to set you back that much?  And do it anonymously so they don’t come back looking for more.  I promise you it feels wonderful!!  Not to mention, that’s our purpose here… to help thy neighbor!!  So give it a try.  Leave an anonymous gift card (even if it’s as little as $10) to someone you know could use it, sit back and watch the results. Not only will you be helping someone else (quite possibly a complete stranger), but an action like this will bring you so much good karma in return.  Stop focusing on how much you’ve saved, and just once, help someone else.  I can almost guarantee that you’ll make a regular practice of it.  It feels so good!!

Even after being used repeatedly, I STILL make the effort to help those in need.  Strangers, and anonymously.  I can’t stand the thought of someone befriending me because they know I have money.  I also can’t stand to see the commercials on TV about children starving in other countries when we’ve got so many here with the same problem.  Look around.  Who can you help?  How can you make it anonymous?  It’s fun and it feels good.  I do hope you’ll all give it a try…

That is my thought for Tuesday.  Have a great day fellow bloggers!

Until next time…