Don’t have much today, but…

I have to write something.  Today is a sad day.  There have been 3 deaths this week that have hit close to home. I’m happy to see the 3 going home, but I’m sad for their grieving families.  I will be there to show my support, but I wish it could be a celebration of the lives they lived, instead of mourning their loss.  They were exceptional people who lived very full lives.  I can only hope when my number is called, I’ll be able to say the same.  So far, so good.  Looking back, I can see exactly where I went off track.  It took many years to get where I am today, but I wouldn’t change a thing.  It made me who I am today!

So, take a look around.  Really look at those you love, and be grateful for their existence in your life. Minutes turn to days, days to months, and months to years… it goes by too fast.  The time to start living your life is right now!!




Sorry for the absence…

When I first started blogging, I thought it was awesome!  I was on here all day, everyday.  Then life just kind of took over.  I haven’t got a free day this week.  I have something to do each and every stinking day.  UGHHHHHH!!!!  It’s okay though.  Exposure therapy, right?  Blogging is still awesome, it’s just that I haven’t had time to actually sit down and type.  Or maybe I have had the time, I just don’t know what to write about.  Or maybe I’m just not in a good mood and don’t feel like writing.  Any which way you look at it, I don’t want you all to forget I exist, too.  So, I’m just taking a break I suppose.  I just found out that a good friend had a heart attack and is in the hospital.  That is where I’ll be tonight.  Tomorrow?  Court, first thing in the morning then group therapy for my son in the evening.  Wednesday  Pain management in the morning then a 1:00pm meeting with my son;s guidance counselor. Thursday?  Taking one of my girlfriends for her first ultrasound.  Friday?  A birthday party that my son was invited to.  And Saturday?  It’s my love’s birthday.  So I’m going to devote the day to making him happy.  If he chooses to spend it hunting, so be it.  There will be a hot meal on the table and presents to open when he gets home.  So… that’s my week in a nut shell.  When will it end???  Hope you all have a great week!!

Peace, Love and Happiness, Always,

~Kate…one non-stop running, Kate.

And so it goes….

The never ending story of my life.  Doctor’s with no answers, or doctor’s with all the answers (been there, done that, doesn’t work.)  But I’ll play the game and see it through to the end, just so he, too can be satisfied.  As for me?  I quit.  I’m done looking for answers.  I feel fine, and my health is fine, my heart is fine.  I’m quite content sitting back and living my life the way I want to, letting all the professionals try to figure out all the blood work, the shoulder injuries, etc. 

Life is good.  Why make it suck by dwelling on stuff I have no power over?  Um… absolutely no point at all.  So, I’m going to go spend the night with my boys and just be.  Hope you all had a great day.

~Kate…one perfectly content, Kate.

I suck…

There are SO MANY things I love to do, but I suck at.  Take photography for example.  I love a good picture.  You won’t find one on my camera.  I’m sure with a few classes, and some education, I could get a bit better, but I like it this way.  It’s part of what makes me (and the rest of us, unique).  So, yes fellow bloggers, I suck.  I suck at photography, I suck at writing, I suck at life (according to few haters), I suck at SO MANY things.  But ya know what?  It’s totally okay with me.  I don’t take pictures for anyone BUT me.  I don’t write for anyone BUT me, and I don’t live my life for anyone BUT me (and my son).  If I suck, I suck.  Taking crappy pictures and writing horribly?  That’s what feels good to me.  So, I’m going to continue to suck at everything I do, but I’m happy.  I’ll continue to suck at everything, happily!  So, if you’ve stumbled across this blog, I apologize, as it probably sucks.  I’m sorry to have wasted the 30 seconds it took you to read it.  But there’s a lesson in this.  None of us are perfect.  None of us are perfect at ANYTHING.  So, if there’s something you love to do, and it makes you happy, but you feel you might suck at it, who cares?!  Keep doing it if it brings you happiness.  Isn’t that the purpose of life?  To achieve happiness and grab onto it with both hands?  Well, that’s my belief.  So, as I said, I’ll continue writing crappy blogs, and taking horrible pictures, but more importantly, I’ll be smiling, inside and out.  Here’s to sucking, but being happy!!


~Kate…a crappy writer, photographer and human being, but extremely happy, Kate

B.A.D. Worrisome Wednesday

Seeing how I have all sorts of anxiety disorders, I could turn this post itself into a book.  I’m always worried about something.  However, today, I’m worried about one particular thing.  As much as I’d love to divulge it all right here and purge it from my thoughts, my ex’s are following me and I don’t want them to know.  I would love more than anything to read all of your kind words of encouragement and support, but for the sake of my sanity, I’ll suffer in silence.  Just know that if you are really worried about something, you aren’t alone.  As I’ve said in previous posts, I have been rewarded in so many positive ways, I refuse to see the negativity.  I’m thinking only good thoughts and knowing that this is what I’ll be met with.  So… am I worried about something?  Most definitely.  Will the world stop spinning if things don’t go the way I’ve planned them in my head?  Nope.  I’ll just have to come up with a new plan is all.  Often times we shy away from anything “new” because it’s different; it’s change.  I fully embrace it.  I LOVE change!  It’s a fresh start!  And like I once read, worrying is like a rocking chair… it gets you no where.  So, I’m going to cast the worries aside, make a few phone calls, have lunch with my awesome little guy, and see what the universe has in store for me at 2:45 this afternoon.  Wish me luck…

~Kate… the forever optimist…Kate

And this picture couldn’t have come at a more perfect time!!  Thank you Silver Lining of your Cloud!!

stop worrying

The Ups and the Downs

I have come to the conclusion that life is ALL about ups and downs.  If we were constantly up, we’d learn to be less appreciative.  So, I can appreciate the downs too.  They help me appreciate the ups so much more.  Today was a bit of a downer, but the light at the end of the tunnel is shining brightly… I’m almost there!!  Hopefully by the end of the week, “this” (the down) will have been resolved and I’ll be back to my spunky, bubbly, positive personality. 

All in all I can’t complain.  I mean, I can, but who wants to read that kind of stuff?  Instead I’d rather focus on all the good that came of today.  I have a new found faith in my doctor; I know who I can depend on in an emergency situation; I know that there are several people who care deeply about me; my son and all his sweetness is my heartbeat; my boyfriend is simply the best.  My life is good, and I like it this way.  So, there’s a minor bump in the road…  Why let that stop me from seeing all of the above?  What a waste that’d be.

So a special thanks to everyone who stepped up today (this includes you too Dad!).  Thank you fellow bloggers for your kind words.  And a thanks to everyone else making my life picture perfect.  Don’t dwell on the downs.  They’re temporary, and just a reminder of how much we should appreciate all the good as it comes to us.

I hope you all have a great night.  And if you’re having a downer of a day, take a look around at the good you possess and know that it’s just around the corner.  Keep your chin up!  This too shall pass.

Good night everyone!

Peace, Love and happiness, Always,

~Kate… the downer rebellion…Kate.

B.A.D. Motivational Monday


“The one who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowd.  The one who walks alone, is likely to find himself in places no one has ever been” ~ Albert Einstein


My son and I refer to the “crowd” as sheep.  We don’t want to be sheep.  Do you want to be a sheep?  Stray from the herd… Life is so much more beautiful from this side.  You’re not staring at the back of everyone’s head.  Start your own path; do your own thing; be who feels most alive, not who is most comfortable.  When we grow comfortable, we aren’t living… we’re existing.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t  want to just exist.  I want to make a statement!!  I want to soar above the crowd (and poop on a few people while I’m up there).  I want to venture out on my own.  Even if I was to follow the crowd, we have this issue of conformity.  I simply don’t fit in.  I wasn’t born to follow any crowd.  I was born to make my own path, admiring new scenery everyday, feeling rejuvenated every morning, in anticipation of what I’ll stumble across today.

I’m 35.  I spent a good 32 years being a crowd pleaser.  I broke the cycle.  As hard as it was, I left quite a few people in the dust.  If they want to be the typical 9-5er, with road rage because they HAVE to have this particular job and make it there on time, that’s their issue.  I’m quite content with the way I live my life, and am very grateful that I’m able to do so.  If I can do it, YOU can do it.  Make today a mental health day, and do something you’ll never forget.  Live a little!!!  The bills will always be there, but please rest assured, the world will not stop spinning if you don’t pay them on time.  Life…. it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Take advantage of that!  And if you DO decide to take today off and do something memorable, I hope you’ll come back on here and share it with me.

Happy Monday everyone!!

Until next time…

~Kate (The black, bad ass, rule breaking sheep)  🙂