From #BethlehemBuffalo to Baltimore MD

During the month of December, 2014, I had a plan in place.  I was enrolled in a program which helped with financial aid to go back to college and finish my degree.  My appointment was on January 15th.  Life had never been better.

January 12th of 2015, I was in a severe car accident, which resulted in the temporary loss of my car.  As of today, my car is STILL in the repair shop.  Yes, that’s correct… One hundred and seven days without a vehicle, and counting.  Over the course of those 107 days, my life has been chaotic, and that’s putting it mildly.  From deaths in the family, to friends giving birth, new doctors, surgeons, lawyers, lawsuits, settlements, school, college, concerns for my son’s health, the ups and downs of a typical relationship…  In a nut shell, my life has been anything BUT quiet.

The one thing that has remained consistent over the course of these 107 days, is the nightly news.  Every night, there is at least one breaking news story aimed at defaming a police department, be it local or across the nation.  Having gone to college for criminal justice, I hope you can understand that this literally makes me sick.  Yes, writing is ONE passion of mine, but criminal justice has always been in the forefront.  It disgusts me to hear such things about our police officers, but what’s worse is that sometimes these nasty things are true.

A few days ago, my local police department was being slammed on social media for being a bunch of savage murderers with a license to kill.  What happened was, a herd of bison escaped from a farm a few counties away.  Those bison made their way from the farm, through a couple of counties, across the Hudson river, into our county.  The local and state police tracked the herd for 8 hours, making sure the public was safe.  These were wild bison, charging anyone or anything that got close to them.  Once the afternoon had begun, and the school was beginning to dismiss students, it was ultimately decided that the bison were a threat to public safety.  They were shot and killed.  Well, OMG!  Those bastards!!  Why couldn’t they coax a herd of 15 wild bison onto a heavy duty trailer and haul them to safety?  I’m sure if they knew there were cookies involved, these wild, angry, 1,100lb beasts would’ve fully complied.  Anyway… as I was scrolling through my newsfeed on Facebook, I couldn’t believe the names our officers were being called.  Instead of a “Thanks for keeping us all safe” there were way too many UNEDUCATED people criticizing the same organization that keeps them safe, day after day.  Now, had the police not acted when they did, the wild bison would have eventually killed a citizen and then they’d be bashed for NOT killing the animals right from the start.  Police officers have an extremely difficult job to do.  Add to that, the fact that they have to please numerous different opinionated people. I don’t envy police officers today…  They definitely don’t have it easy.

While attending community college, I learned that despite my good intentions (and those of every other individual interested in law enforcement), our criminal justice system is far too corrupt.  It’s been said that one person can make all the difference.  I don’t believe that’s true in this case.  My opinion?   It has to be a collaborate, nationwide effort involving colleges, police departments, correctional facilities, counselors, court systems and congress to name just a few. BUT… this is where I come in.  Someone has to get the ball rolling, correct?  Even if I’m not a part of the reconstruction process, I can certainly get the right people involved who can get things off the ground. We have to start somewhere!!  Education has to be a priority.  If Obama can mandate health insurance (with good intentions of course) why not mandate education?  Perhaps if that were the case, we wouldn’t have a city like Baltimore burning itself to the ground.  What exactly are they going to gain by destroying their city and killing off their police department?  Well, they haven’t thought that far ahead because they aren’t educated to do so!!  They’re angry, and maybe rightly so, but what the hell is all of this violence going to get them?  And although I haven’t read or heard the quote directly (yet), it certainly doesn’t help to have a mayor encouraging such ignorant, barbaric behavior!

I don’t know all the details/facts pertaining to Baltimore, but… did the officer(s) know that there was a history of mental illness, or health conditions?  Probably not.  So, let’s start by educating officers AND the general public. Once that’s established, why not actually TRY to reform and rehabilitate prisoners?  Why in this day and age is it so difficult to weed out the good from the bad?  Well, because everyone has rights.  If someone feels their rights have been violated, they file a lawsuit, clogging up our judicial systems even further.

I think Obama was absolutely right about one thing… It’s time for some serious change in this great nation.  Now we just have to start making those changes. Who’s game?


Peace, love and happiness ALWAYS,



Pursuit of happiness? Check.

Went to court today, and watched my ex husband, (the sperm donor who gave me my child) try to squirm his way out of paying the child support due to my son.  What part of “If you make them, you have to take care of them.” is so hard to understand?  I’m sure his grand parents and parents would be really proud of him.  Well, either way, we (my son and I won).  The child support was raised by $30 a week, and the private investigator has been hired to prove that when he’s “laid off” he’s actually working under the table.  And…since the private investigator is a close friend, it’s absolutely free of charge!  Here’s your shovel.  You just keep on digging.

All is well in our world, and I like it this way.

Peace, Love and Happiness, Always,

~Kate… one, just got a nice healthy raise, Kate.

Where the heck is Easy Street?!

I had to go get my car inspected this morning, and the mechanic had a sticker on his door asking “Where the heck is Easy Street?”  So, thank you Dave, for prompting this blog.  Easy Street, believe it or not, is right outside your door.  It’s all just a matter of perception.  If you’re constantly looking or waiting for the other shoe to drop, you’re never going to find Easy Street.  However, if you stop looking for that shoe, and live your life now, in the moment, you have reached Easy Street.   Life was not meant to be easy, no matter your religious denomination.  Life is nothing more than a series of tests.  You pass the test, you move on to the next.  You fail, and you’re tested again, repeatedly, until you do finally pass.  But at no point in time was anything ever made to be easy.  What do we learn from easy?  What do we gain?  Absolutely nothing.  Well, we might learn how to be lazy, which then leads to sense of entitlement, but that’s hardly learning at all.  Life is about learning, making mistakes, more learning so as not to repeat those mistakes, and so on.  It’s also about kindness.  Why is this world so full of hate, anger, hostility, violence, secrets, lies and negativity?  I want to live in a world, again, where my grandchildren have to ask me what war was.  And what do I say?  It was a power trip?  One country felt threatened so they had to go kill innocent people to prove they were superior.  I want to be a part of this wave blanketing the earth.  The blanket is made of peace, love, respect, positivity, encouragement, kindness and happiness.  I’ve created the home with those specific ingredients.  I just wish I possessed the power to share my blanket.  I don’t like to see anger or frustration in any form.  Its totally unnecessary and solves nothing.  Love on the other hand, has the potential to make a total stranger feel better.  I’m ALL FOR helping anyone in need.  If more people would change their perception, we might just have a chance at turning this world around.  What happened to love thy neighbor?  Well maybe they’re loud late at night, and instead of walking over and asking them to keep it down, you let the anger fester and the poison run through your veins until you reach a point where there’s an all out brawl between the two of you.  I’m happy to say we are surrounded by awesome neighbors on all sides.  If we renew our lease it will be partly because of them.  They go out of their way to be kind and considerate.  Knowing I have Ryan, the volume goes down at a reasonable hour, we are always met with a friendly hello and we ALL look out for each other.  I like it this way.  This is how the whole world should be!!

My day is done, as far as my “To Do” list, and I still managed to make someone else’s day.  Do you know what it feels like to make a stranger genuinely smile?  If not, you should try it.  And not for recognition!!  For the simple fact that you have the capability of doing so.  I hope someone made you smile today, and I also hope you chose to pay it forward.  The world needs more of this!!  So join in already!  Know that nothing will ever come easy, but I’m more than willing to share my blanket with all of you.  Have a good day fellow bloggers!!

~Kate…an exhausted, fulfilled, grateful, blanket sharing, Kate.

A positive note…

I have spent the majority of my day obtaining as much info as I possibly could on this evil group, determined to attack the US.  In doing so, I have made them stronger.  I refuse to put any more thought into the “what if’s” and end my night on a positive note.  So, with that said…

We spent the day as a family.  We got all of Ryan’s school supply shopping done and are picking up his schedule Tuesday, and hopefully meeting with his counselor to get a few adjustments made.  Bill cooked us a delicious dinner of lasagna with home-made sauce, meatballs and fresh Italian bread.  My oh my…this man can cook!!  Ryan was teary eyed as he went to sleep tonight, but he says they were happy tears, and that he’s so glad it’s the 3 of us against the world (our motto since he was born has been “It’s me and you against the world, kiddo.”).  I think the time he spent with Bill did something to him.  He’s more confident when he speaks, and I only have to ask him ONE time to do something!!  He’s FINALLY listening to me!!  Bill and Ryan both say they had a great time, and if Bill said or did something to upset Ryan, I know he’d tell me.  So they obviously had a heart to heart, and Ryan absorbed every word.

Tonight, I am so grateful that there is no fighting in our house.  No yelling, no scolding, no abuse to “toughen Ryan up,” no animosity, no hidden anger, no negativity.  I am grateful for all that I have, and all that I’ll be receiving in the very near future.  I am grateful for the simple things and I am grateful for the amount of love that fills this house.  I’m not ashamed to say that we are one positive family, hoping to spread this contagious feeling of a natural high to those closest to us in the hopes that they too pass it along.  I am grateful for old and new friends.  I am grateful for the life I have been given and the blessings each new day brings.

I could go on and on, with all that I have to be grateful for, but the love of my life is waiting for me to finish up so that we can fall asleep wrapped up in each others arms.  So, I hope you can all stop, even if for only a brief moment and think of all that YOU have to be grateful for.

Good night fellow bloggers.

Peace, love and happiness, Always!

~Kate…one extremely grateful, extremely blessed, Kate.

What’s REALLY important?

In a world where we have the potential to be at peace, love thy neighbor and do good, I woke up this morning hearing about this ISIS group.  Then I learned that Al Quida has distanced themselves because ISIS is far too violent for them?!  Who are these people?  Where did they come from?  Who’s funding their operation and allowing them to grow?  And how many of you will I lose when they decide it’s time to attack?  I don’t watch the news (because it’s too negative) so any info you can share with me would be greatly appreciated.

So, your rent is late, or you can’t pay a bill.  Your car’s acting up and you feel the need to curse out your mechanic because you were just there last week.  You don’t have enough money to pay for school supplies for your kids, or in my case, new clothes.  Does all of this REALLY matter when we’ve got psychopaths leaking into our country with the sole purpose of killing innocent people just to plant their flag at the White House?  I’d like to say I’m speechless, but I’m not.  It’s just that my thoughts are racing and I can’t slow them down long enough to grasp a thought that makes sense.  All I keep thinking about is getting a passport and getting the hell out of here!!

As always, I wish you all nothing but peace, love and happiness.  Life is too short, and at the end of the day, please make sure your loved ones know they are loved, as we don’t really know what tomorrow will bring.  A group of psychopaths, killing for the sake of …?  Killing. Senseless killing.  It HAS to stop!!!  Please…

~Kate…a truly grateful, praying for an end to this ISIS group and PEACE, Kate.

Best thing I’ve heard in a LONG time

Ryan had his weekly mental health visit today, and for some reason (he claims he felt safer) he asked that I sit in with them.  Once we established that there were no issues he wanted to discuss in regards to me, his social worker began asking him questions.  Her first question was “School is only 2 weeks away.  What is one thing you’re looking forward to?  What are you excited about?”

Ryan’s response: “I’m happy that mom’s getting me a restricted hall pass and that since I’m not in 6th grade any more, I won’t be as big of a target as the new kids coming in.”

Social worker: “Okay.  So now, tell me one thing that you’re worried about.  What are you stressed about going into this school year?”

Tick tock….tick tock…

Ryan: “Nothing.”

MUSIC TO MY EARS!!!!  I was so afraid getting him to go back and face the one place that is of constant bullying and little response to those hurting him would make this year that much more difficult to getting him back into the swing of things.  Nope!  Not at all.  So, the long talks, the advice, the encouragement and the karate have all paid off.  Ryan is now aware of his physical capabilities and has no fear in defending himself.  He has all the confidence in the world and that brings tears to my eyes.  I am so proud of this little boy.  I told him today, that if nothing else, I am beyond proud of him because although he suffers from moderate to severe anxiety, he looks it in the eye and refuses to back down.  I am so proud of his mental strength.  No child in that school has the capabilities of breaking this kid.  He left 6th grade on the verge of a mental breakdown, and now, after an entire summer devoted to building up his self esteem and confidence, he is a freaking brick house, both mentally and physically.  A sincere thanks to the man in assisting me with this…  We love you Bill.  Thank you so much for everything you’ve done to help me, and to help Ryan.  God brought you to us at the perfect time.  Never have I been more grateful for another’s presence in my life as I am right now.  Thank you for being the man my son needs to look up to, to admire and to model himself after.  I can’t thank you enough.  I realize this isn’t what you signed up for, but the fact that you took on the role?  Leaves me absolutely speechless. 

This year will no doubt be challenging, but once again, we’ll get through it, and in the end, Ryan will be a better person when all is said and done.  I love that I can go to bed tonight so very grateful for the countless blessings I have.  I love it when all is right in our world.  When we’re all in sync, our hearts are happy and light.  Life is good, and I wish you all the same.

~Kate…one extremely grateful Kate.

Only 1 post today…

…as I have LOTS to do.  I just wanted to take a moment to thank you all.  When I first started blogging, it was to grow an audience for the things I like to write about.  I would get so excited every time someone new liked my page.  I would watch the numbers grow, and call my parents just to say “I’m doing it!”.  This is no longer the case.  I write because it’s what I like to do.  I write because it’s therapeutic.  My most personal posts are in a notebook that no one has access to.  I’d love to post them here, but as you’re all well aware by now, I’ve got trolls following me and my personal life is none of their business.  I’m not going to give them anything to talk about.  So I keep it all light-hearted and positive.  Sure they still send me nasty hate mail, but it makes me smile.  I’m obviously on their minds.  I’m flattered, really.  But you’re still not getting anything personal about me.  So, continue to troll, hack into my boyfriends computer (because you aren’t getting into mine) and live a miserable life.  I just hope I can witness the day when you all look in the mirror and realize its not me you hate, but yourselves.  Your bad choices, your unhappy lives.  None of that is MY fault.  But unless or until you evolve, you’re going to continue looking like idiots casting blame instead of taking accountability.


So, to all of my REAL followers…  If I don’t get another follower for the rest of my time on WP, that’s totally fine by me.  This isn’t a popularity contest, and I like what I write.  Shouldn’t that be all that matters?  However, those of you who have taken the time to private message me; those of you leaving nothing but kind words and inspiring feedback; those of you who make me feel good…  I value each and every one of you.  I’m so grateful our paths have crossed.  It has taken me a long time to get where I am (evolutionary speaking) and you help keep me here.  That doesn’t go un-noticed by me.  I promise you that.  So, just a special thanks to all of you who continue to support me, through hard times as well as happy.  Through difficult prompts and those days when I feel my writing just isn’t good enough.  Thank you all so very much.  I’ve given some serious thought to starting an entirely new, anonymous account, where I can bare it all without any repercussions, but that’s miles away.  I’m not 100% convinced I won’t be found, as my ex has gone as low as to use a google image locator to find this blog.  So, when I say anonymous, I mean TOTALLY anonymous.  It sucks that I still have to live my life knowing these creatures are following my every post, BUT, this too shall pass.  If it makes them feel better to leave me nasty messages, hey… I’m still the good one, allowing them to get it off their chest, right?  Little do they know the comments go right into the trash and are no longer even read. I just don’t have the time to spend on such negativity. 

So, you all keep being who you are.  You’re a wonderful bunch I wish I had met years ago!  And they can continue to live their pathetic, miserable lives, hating, but thinking about me nonetheless.  If I am on their mind I have a certain power over them.  I like that.  Thank you all!!  I hope you all have a great day!!  Now, I’ve got to get to baking, and ready myself for tomorrows karate BBQ.  Actually looking forward to hearing my son belly laugh and have fun with his friends.


~Kate…a person people LOVE to HATE, Kate.