I suck…

There are SO MANY things I love to do, but I suck at.  Take photography for example.  I love a good picture.  You won’t find one on my camera.  I’m sure with a few classes, and some education, I could get a bit better, but I like it this way.  It’s part of what makes me (and the rest of us, unique).  So, yes fellow bloggers, I suck.  I suck at photography, I suck at writing, I suck at life (according to few haters), I suck at SO MANY things.  But ya know what?  It’s totally okay with me.  I don’t take pictures for anyone BUT me.  I don’t write for anyone BUT me, and I don’t live my life for anyone BUT me (and my son).  If I suck, I suck.  Taking crappy pictures and writing horribly?  That’s what feels good to me.  So, I’m going to continue to suck at everything I do, but I’m happy.  I’ll continue to suck at everything, happily!  So, if you’ve stumbled across this blog, I apologize, as it probably sucks.  I’m sorry to have wasted the 30 seconds it took you to read it.  But there’s a lesson in this.  None of us are perfect.  None of us are perfect at ANYTHING.  So, if there’s something you love to do, and it makes you happy, but you feel you might suck at it, who cares?!  Keep doing it if it brings you happiness.  Isn’t that the purpose of life?  To achieve happiness and grab onto it with both hands?  Well, that’s my belief.  So, as I said, I’ll continue writing crappy blogs, and taking horrible pictures, but more importantly, I’ll be smiling, inside and out.  Here’s to sucking, but being happy!!


~Kate…a crappy writer, photographer and human being, but extremely happy, Kate


The Ups and the Downs

I have come to the conclusion that life is ALL about ups and downs.  If we were constantly up, we’d learn to be less appreciative.  So, I can appreciate the downs too.  They help me appreciate the ups so much more.  Today was a bit of a downer, but the light at the end of the tunnel is shining brightly… I’m almost there!!  Hopefully by the end of the week, “this” (the down) will have been resolved and I’ll be back to my spunky, bubbly, positive personality. 

All in all I can’t complain.  I mean, I can, but who wants to read that kind of stuff?  Instead I’d rather focus on all the good that came of today.  I have a new found faith in my doctor; I know who I can depend on in an emergency situation; I know that there are several people who care deeply about me; my son and all his sweetness is my heartbeat; my boyfriend is simply the best.  My life is good, and I like it this way.  So, there’s a minor bump in the road…  Why let that stop me from seeing all of the above?  What a waste that’d be.

So a special thanks to everyone who stepped up today (this includes you too Dad!).  Thank you fellow bloggers for your kind words.  And a thanks to everyone else making my life picture perfect.  Don’t dwell on the downs.  They’re temporary, and just a reminder of how much we should appreciate all the good as it comes to us.

I hope you all have a great night.  And if you’re having a downer of a day, take a look around at the good you possess and know that it’s just around the corner.  Keep your chin up!  This too shall pass.

Good night everyone!

Peace, Love and happiness, Always,

~Kate… the downer rebellion…Kate.

A MUST Follow

It’s difficult, because similarly I’m new to wordpress and have a small following (which I’m extremely grateful for) but I have to admit… when I stumble across a blog that I find interesting, I HAVE to share.  I stumbled across this blog in the commons from writing 101 and I have to encourage all of you to give it a look.  I had a page similar to this when I was on Fake-book, but couldn’t provide advice like this.  So please, if you do nothing else on wordpress today, PLEASE check this blog out.  Follow this blog, and help spread the word!!!  Let’s get every wordpress member to check out this blog!!


If the pingback/link doesn’t work, the address is: http://thementalterrorist.wordpress.com/

Happy blogging and good night everyone!!