Ahhhh… relief. FINALLY!!

So after years of a creepy, stalking, computer hacking ex; $X to get him out of my computer, the hate mail has finally stopped.  Maybe he took my words of advice and did something more productive with his time?  I sure hope so.  But I’ve got to say, before signing off for the night, it feels AWESOME to be completely rid of the jerk, and his “demands.”  Now, my ex husband on the other hand, has someone stalking/trolling my blog, so the personal info will remain just that, because he doesn’t deserve to know what’s going on in our lives.  So, unless or until I am completely rid of him too, my personal blogs are posted elsewhere.  Have fun finding them!  🙂  What a sense of relief  I have right now.  Words cannot express how good I feel.  One down, one to go.  I’m flattered that they followed my blog, as it means I obviously still mean something to them.  I’m not sorry to say I can’t say the same.  There’s a reason you are an ex.  And when people start to know who you truly are, I hope to be a fly on the wall. But anyway… It was so nice to see the spam folder empty, and the negativity gone.  I got him out of my life, then my computer, gone for GOOD!!  His childish attempts to destroy my current relationship are laughed at when we attend family gatherings, and his pitiful existence is something we’re all grateful we aren’t.  I am fully capable of taking care of myself and my son.  At 47 he’s still living at home with his parents.  That just screams productive member of society all over it!  (He said I’d never be a productive member of society, and that would forever live off of my parents.  Look at that.  I’m on my own and he’s accusing ME of the things he is guilty of!  Idiot) Well, he’s gone and I couldn’t be happier. 

Off to bed to wrap myself up like a pretzel in the arms of the man I truly love.  Hope you all have a great night!!

~Kate…one very relieved Kate.